Rockstar from Big Brother 20 shares hilarious BB23 cast leak photo

Rockstar On BB20
Rockstar chilling with Kaitlyn Herman and Bayleigh Dayton on Big Brother 20. Pic credit: CBS

Angela Rockstar remains an avid Big Brother fan after being a part of the BB20 cast. This week, she has been posting a lot about the upcoming BB23 cast, even taking the time to share a purported leak of what fans will see this summer.

Angela Brooke “Angie Rockstar” Lantry played Big Brother 20 during the summer of 2018. She was a very colorful houseguest who became most known for comments she made following Brett Robinson lying about her on her daughter’s birthday.

Rockstar ended up finishing in 10th place during that season, failing to make it far as a member of the FOUTTE Alliance. Despite a person in her alliance (Haleigh Broucher) being the Head of Household, Kaycee Clark won a Hacker Competition and put Rockstar up on the block as a secret nominee.

She had a chance to help her alliance in the Veto Competition, but she ended up giving a hint to Tyler Crispen that allowed him to win it. Since leaving the Big Brother house, Rockstar has been very vocal about successive seasons of the hit reality competition show.

Rockstar shares a fun photo of the rumored BB23 cast

Below is the photo that Rockstar shared on Twitter with the simple caption, “Cast Leak.” It followed a number of other posts that people have made on social media where they claim to know the people who are playing Big Brother this summer.

Obviously this post was meant as a joke and there was a lot of humor in it for people who watched teen television shows 20 to 30 years ago.

But if any of these people actually made it on to Big Brother 23, who do you think would be crowned the winner? Maybe Alexis Bledel (Rory) from Gilmore Girls? Or maybe Katie Holmes (Joey Potter) from Dawson’s Creek?

More information on Big Brother 23

There had been a lot of rumors that the full BB23 cast will be revealed on June 30. We will have to hold out hope that the date was correct, as there hasn’t been a confirmation from CBS or the show producers yet.

A lot of information has come out about the new season already, though, including the fact that the BB23 cast will play in teams. That is really going to shake things up within the first 90 minutes of the season and make the premiere episode really exciting.

And in regard to the season premiere, there is a huge twist coming at the end of Episode 1. It could turn the game on its head and it will be very interesting to see how it all plays out.

As a reminder, the season premiere for the Big Brother 2021 season is on Wednesday, July 7 at 8/7c on CBS. It’s going to be a 90-minutes episode and a live move-in where the 16 new houseguests are shown beginning their new journey.

While BBAD is not returning this summer, the Big Brother live feeds will get turned on following the first episode. Stay tuned because it is going to be a busy night of introductions and games to kick off the summer 2021 season.

Big Brother 23 debuts July 7 on CBS.

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