River Everett was accosted by 90 Day Fiance fans who found out where he lived

River Everett
River was run up on by fans and detailed his experience along with where he and Megan are at in their relationship. Pic credit: TLC

The Family Chantel’s River Everett took to Instagram Live to vent about being accosted by fans outside the place he just moved into.

The experience clearly rattled him as he talked about how he wanted his privacy respected but also did the best he could to be nice to his fans.

During the Live he also answered a few questions about his relationship with Megan and where they are at.

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River Everett revealed that 90 Day Fiance fans found out where he lived

River took to Instagram Live to share with his followers that he just moved into a new place five days ago and people have already found out where he lives.

He said after he exited his house and was walking to his car that four people stopped him by saying, “That’s him!”

He explained that he had a feeling that they were waiting for him and that one of the fans that accosted him was someone who had sent him a DM before. He said the person in the DM said they think they saw him outside of their apartment complex, leading him to believe that they live in the same area.

Regardless, he did not appreciate having his spot blown up and wished that people would respect his privacy better.

When someone in the Live comments asked how he dealt with them he just said he did the best he could.

River Everett's IG Live
River’s Instagram Live touched on a few different topics. Pic credit: @iamriverknight/Instagram

River’s Live does reveal the spoiler that he is no longer living at home with his parents and has branched out on his own into an apartment.

River Everett also gave some insight on his relationship with Megan

River also dished on his relationship with Megan after several fans asked about her and complimented them as a couple.

He said that no, he did not move in with Megan and that he sees moving in together as a big commitment that is basically marriage to him.

When someone was complimenting Megan, they told River that he needed to put a ring on it and he agreed by saying, “Yes I do.”

Megan has been criticized as being a clout chaser due to her aspirations of becoming a singer and a model and conveniently falling into a relationship with someone that could put her on TV.

Megan is a 28-year-old single mom that lives several hours away from River and the pair only shared their first kiss two episodes ago.

She will be put to the test eventually if she is faced with meeting River’s scrutinizing family.

New episodes of The Family Chantel are available to stream Mondays on Discovery+.

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