Riley Christian welcomes ‘new beginnings’ after split from Maurissa Gunn

Riley Christian
Riley Christian prepares for a fresh start in his latest post. Pic credit: ABC

Bachelor in Paradise’s Riley Christian has closed a chapter after his split from ex-fiancee Maurissa Gunn, and it appears he is now looking forward to all-new beginnings. 

Riley Christian posts about new beginnings 

Riley, who has officially scrubbed his Instagram page of any signs of Maurissa Gunn, has shared his next ventures in this new chapter of life. 

Recently, Riley announced that he’s starting his own practice Christian Law in an effort to do some good in the world. 

Along with his intellectual endeavors, Riley also remains committed to maintaining his health and fit physique. 

While love and romance may not be Riley’s immediate focus after his breakup, Riley certainly seems to have a lot of other exciting goals keeping him busy as he embraces a fresh new beginning. 

In his recent post, Riley shared two photos, and he appeared to be in great spirits as he posed outside with a big smile and a nice suit and tie in Queens, New York. 

Riley captioned the post “New beginnings” with an airplane emoji. 

The post was met with lots of love and encouragement from friends and followers who hope to see Riley continue to thrive as a newly single man. 

Riley Christian and Maurissa Gunn make their breakup official 

While Riley keeps his head high and continues to smile, many in Bachelor Nation are still mourning that he and Maurissa didn’t work out. 

Riley and Maurissa warmed Bachelor Nation’s heart when they fell for one another on Bachelor in Paradise and got engaged. 

Despite having a historic engagement by becoming the first Black couple to get engaged in The Bachelor franchise history and seeming to have built an adorable everyday routine with one another, the couple ultimately decided to go their separate ways. 

Many have wondered what led to the split, but Riley and Maurissa have understandably opted to handle their breakup more privately, apart from the joint statement they released. 

Instead of lingering on their breakup, Bachelor in Paradise’s Riley and Maurissa have chosen to move forward and use their platforms to address different victories in their individual lives. 

Here’s to hoping both Riley and Maurissa find everything they’re looking for as they explore new chapters and new beginnings outside of their Bachelor in Paradise experience.

Bachelor in Paradise is currently on hiatus on ABC. 

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