Riley Christian shares some wisdom about ‘work’ but still hasn’t confronted Maurissa Gunn breakup rumors

Riley Christian
Riley Christian has yet to directly address Maurissa Gunn breakup rumors. Pic credit: ABC

Riley Christian’s every move has been on Bachelor Nation’s radar as rumors continue to circulate about his potential split from fiancee Maurissa Gunn. 

While neither Riley nor Maurissa have come forward and officially announced their breakup, both have shared and posted some cryptic messages online that suggest trouble in paradise. 

Amidst the rumors, Riley announced an exciting new development in his life. The intelligent lawyer revealed that he is starting his own practice Christian Law which is coming soon. 

As Riley takes on this venture, he’s dropped some nuggets of wisdom and motivation that appear to be fueling him along the way, and he notably makes no mention of his relationship with Maurissa Gunn or their rumored breakup. 

Riley Christian shares a message about working hard 

Riley Christian took to Instagram to share a striking black and white photo of himself. 

In the photo, Riley poses shirtless as he takes a drink in his Calvin Klein undergarments and flaunts his signature biceps and earring. 

Riley captioned the post, “All we can do is put the work in. Work on our craft, our health, and being better people. The end result is not always under your control. And even if you go down, you’ll never be a failure because you’ve done all you could. There’s honor in that. So work hard, stay humble, but still let em know that you got it.” 

Riley Christian still has photos of Maurissa Gunn on his page

While Riley has not confirmed nor denied his relationship status with Maurissa yet, he does still have photos of his historic Bachelor in Paradise fiancee on his page, including a post with Maurissa from as recently as Christmas of last year. 

Maurissa, however, appears to have deleted all photos of Riley from her page apart from a post with stills of the couple on their first date during Bachelor in Paradise Season 7.

Maurissa’s erasure of Riley from her page, along with her sharing several ominous messages, has added fuel to the breakup rumors.

Despite leaving Bachelor Nation with questions and curiosity, it seems both Riley and Maurissa are understandably choosing to navigate this season of their relationship more privately. 

Time will tell if Riley and Maurissa decide to come forward and officially confirm or dispel the rumors. 

Bachelor in Paradise is currently on hiatus on ABC. 

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