RHOSLC finale: Jennie Nguyen insists she did not throw a glass at Mary Cosby

Jennie Nguyen of RHOSLC
Jennie Nguyen denies throwing a glass at Mary Cosby during the Season 2 finale. Pic credit: Bravo

Sunday was the Season 2 finale of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. At the finale party, Jennie Nguyen threw a glass at Mary Cosby in anger, narrowly missing her.

Now Jennie is speaking out, clearing up reports that she intended to throw a glass directly at Mary, stating that she only threw the glass on the floor.

The explosive fight was caused by mounting tension throughout the season, where Mary was accused on several occasions of racist behavior towards Jennie. Jennie took to Instagram the day after the finale to defend her actions.

Jennie loses her cool at Lisa Barlow’s Vida party

Lisa threw an 80’s themed party to celebrate her new Vida Tequila bottle, and Jennie used it as an opportunity to confront Mary about how she treated Jennie during the season. The altercation came after Whitney Rose tried apologizing to Mary for calling her Faith Temple Pentecostal Church a cult. Jennie inserted herself into Whitney and Mary’s conversation, and Mary pulled Whitney away to talk privately.

This led to a heated war of words between the two ladies, and Mary walked away with Jennie screaming at her. “Run away, run away, run away, Mary,. Run the f**k away.” Then Jennie launched her drink at Mary.

“You have something to say about me? Say it to my face,” Jennie screamed at Mary and walked off. Jennie went after Mary to try to diffuse the situation and try to talk to Jennie, and Mary replied, “I would never talk to her.” As Mary leaves the party, she says to herself, “There’s a maniac on the loose throwing glass.”

“I’ve never gotten a glass thrown at me from no one [sic],” Mary says in confessional “And the fact that no one even cared was, like, too much. It makes you wonder who’s your friend, and who’s not.”

Jennie now claims she did not throw a glass at Mary

In an Instagram story on Monday, Jennie now says she only threw the glass on the floor, not at Mary directly.

Pic credit: @jennienguyenluv/Instagram

Jennie tells her followers, “Yellow skin, slanted eyes, mocking my accent, Jennie from the hood, and finally little Asian. That was my breaking point!” 

She also dismissed claims she threw the glass at Mary, saying, “I did not throw the glass at anyone; I threw it on the FLOOR!”

Unfortunately, viewers of the show will not see a conclusion to this feud. Mary did not attend the reunion, and will not be a cast member for Season 2. Jennie was fired by Bravo in January for offensive social media posts.

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City airs Sunday nights at 9/8c on Bravo.

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