RHOSLC fans outraged after Jennie Nguyen reveals she broke her husband’s ribs in a fit of anger

Jennie Nguyen
Jennie Nguyen admitted to breaking her husband’s ribs and RHOSLC viewers are outraged. Pic credit: Bravo

During the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, Jennie Nguyen revealed that she had a bad anger problem that required anger management. She described that it got so bad she threw things at her husband Duy which broke his ribs and RHOSLC viewers are appalled.

Many feel like she admitted to domestic violence and her controversial statements only add to the growing list of prejudicial and irredeemable acts she has been caught committing.

RHOSLC viewers spoke out on social media about Jennie’s violent attack on her husband and condemned her admission on the show.

RHOSLC viewers are speaking out after Jennie Nguyen admitted to breaking her husbands ribs

On the most recent episode of RHOSLC, Jennie talked about her anger issues in a private interview.

A Bravo fan page reposted the scene on Instagram where Jennie said, “I have anger issues. For a whole year I went to anger management because I can’t control my temper. One night I keep throwing s**t at my husband and I actually broke his ribs, and I was like oh s**t. Okay, maybe I need to control my anger.”

In the caption of the post the fan page wrote, “If any HouseHusband said this, the internet would be on fire. She’s a monster.”

The comments section of the post was also filled with angry RHOSLC who shared their opinions.

The top comment read, “This is literally domestic violence that she’s describing.”

Another used the hashtag, “#firejennie.”

There was a critic who made the point, “Major red flag any time ANYONE abuses a spouse. And why do they admit it on national tv?”

Meanwhile, someone else questioned, “Court ordered anger management? Or an ultimatum from her husband?”

IG comments about Jennie Nguyen
Pic credit: @iliveforbravo/Instagram

Bravo has fired Jennie Nguyen from RHOSLC

In the wake of Jennie’s racist and offensive social media posts that surfaced, Bravo has chosen to fire the Real Housewife from the show.

Jennie’s firing comes as repeated calls from RHOSLC viewers towards Bravo have been launched across social media to hold Jennie accountable and to send a message about the network’s intolerance of racism and bigotry.

There has been so much explosive drama to come from RHOSLC this season so viewers should stay buckled up for what is to come.

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City airs on Sundays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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