RHONJ: Melissa Gorga speaks on double standard with Teresa Giudice, not expecting the OG to change

Melissa Gorga
Melissa Gorga talks about Teresa’s double standards. Pic credit: Bravo

The Gorga and Giudice families have had decades of turmoil, and much of it has played out on our screens. Melissa Gorga and Teresa Giudice have spent years working on their relationship, and they appear to be in a good place.

A major point of contention is Teresa’s claim that Melissa and her husband, Joe Gorga, never have her back in the fights she has with the other Housewives. Now this season, Teresa is proving to have a double standard and not backing up Melissa and Joe.

Melissa explained the issues in her family and told viewers if she thinks Teresa will ever change her ways.

Melissa says Teresa will never change

In an exclusive interview with Entertainment Tonight, she was asked about the drama that continued between the sisters-in-law.

Host Brice Sander asked, “We are on this forever carousel ride of your castmates pointing out that she expects you to ride for her in a way she will never ride for you and Joe. Do you think she will ever change? Are you just accepting it is what it is at this point?”

“It’s been accepted, it’s accepted,” Melissa answered. “People do not change at this point, when they are fifty years old, right? So it is what it is. That is family, we always make excuses for family, right?”

She continued, “We always find a way back for family. We always say ‘it is what it is.’ Joe has one sister, they have no other family, so if that’s his sister, they make it work.”

Brice inquired more, asking, “You called out her double standards on Watch What Happens Live, you’ve said it before. Does she ever mention it to you or does it not come up?” Mellissa responded, “No, we don’t talk about it. I think it’s a known fact.”

Teresa’s latest issue was with Louie’s viral video

Melissa looked back on Louie’s confrontation with Margaret Josephs, who raised questions about his warrior camp video, and said Teresa would not stand up for her and defend her fight with Jennifer Aydin. Melissa explained on the March 1 episode of WWHL that while the cast should be able to ask questions, Margaret may have taken it too far and that angered Teresa.

In a recent episode, fans watched as Melissa ran to her castmates about a text message she received from Teresa, in which her sister-in-law requested she have Louie’s back. Melissa shared, “I was basically saying, ‘Guys, she doesn’t want us talking about Luis tonight.’ Like, ‘Don’t go in there with the cameras and all talk about Luis.’” And while it seemed like Melissa was throwing her sister-in-law under the bus by sharing those messages, she said that’s not the case.

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