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RHONJ: Margaret Josephs dishes on how Teresa Giudice has changed since they first met

RHONJ star Margaret Josephs.
RHONJ star Margaret Josephs says Teresa has become “hardened” over the years. Pic credit: Bravo

The Real Housewives of New Jersey cast is no stranger to drama. Season after season, the women engage in conflicts and monumental fights that keep fans coming back for more. However, it isn’t just the drama between the women that RHONJ fans show up for, it’s also their ability to resolve and forgive one another.

According to Margaret Josephs, who has been with the cast since joining in Season 7, the RHONJ ladies have all seen personal changes and growth over the years. And while she might not be best friends with the entire cast, Margaret knows that none of her co-stars are “bad people.”

During a recent chat with Kate Casey on the Reality Life with Kate Casey podcast, Margaret dished on the changes she’s seen, particularly with OG Housewife Teresa Giudice.

Margaret shares the way Teresa Giudice has changed over the years

Margaret’s new book, Caviar Dreams, Tuna Fish Budget, details intimate moments throughout her life, including her first marriage to Jan Josephs, the measures she’s taken to protect the anonymity of her step-children, and of course, her relationships with her RHONJ castmates.

Although her Housewives experience has a dedicated chapter in the book, Reality Life podcast host, Kate, delved further into the RHONJ subject and asked Margaret if her perception of the women has altered at all over the years.

“Do you still look at them all the same way after you’ve spent so much time with them, gotten to know their families, and watch them, maybe you know, their fame rise — someone like Jackie [Goldschneider] — like, are they still the same people that you remember from your first meeting?” Kate asked.

While Margaret shared that Melissa Gorga is still “teeny” but “fun,” she also acknowledged that Teresa has changed since their first season together and attributes it to the hardships she’s faced.

“I think Teresa’s hardened a little more, again,” Margaret said. “You know, she was so vulnerable when I first met her and her mom had just passed away.”

She continued, “So, she, you know, she was a little softer then. I think she’s hardened again, a tiny bit. But I think, you know, I’m going to say I hope she softens again cuz she’s in love. So, maybe, you know, that she’ll soften again. So, I hope that happens.”

“But listen, she’s still – she’s also fun,” Margaret concluded.

Margaret may be at odds with Jennifer, but says she knows Jennifer’s not a ‘bad person’

Season 11 has seen plenty of conflict, particularly between Margaret and Jennifer. The two women have continued to clash throughout the season, specifically as it pertains to their husbands and children.

During one of their many spats, Jennifer confronted Margaret about her treatment of her husband, Joe Benigno, during a group argument. Jennifer insinuated that Joe should consider leaving Margaret after the way she spoke to him, and that topic spiraled into Jennifer accusing Margaret of not respecting moms.

The entire ordeal seemed out of hand, with neither woman able to clearly communicate their feelings.

And, while that may seem frustrating, according to Margaret she knows Jennifer isn’t all bad.

“I really love everybody on my show, as they’re good people. I mean, Jennifer, am I gonna be best friends with her? No. [But] I can appreciate she’s not a bad person,” she admitted.

Margaret also gave props to her RHONJ castmates for their genuine care for one another.

“I think our cast is genuine friendships,” she shared. “I think we’re one cast that, I think you can see it comes across on camera that there’s definitely true relationships there,” she said.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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