RHONJ: Margaret Josephs admits castmates’ reaction to Jennifer Aydin’s nose job ‘wasn’t nice’

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Margaret Josephs admits she and her costars werent nice about Jennifer Aydin's nose job
Margaret Josephs talks about Jennifer Aydin’s nose job. Pic credit: Bravo

Jennifer Aydin knew her nose job was going to be a topic of discussion so she issued a disclaimer before the new season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey premiered. The mom-of-five admittedly got rhinoplasty during her latest visit to Turkey and made a public appearance at Teresa Giudice’s pool party before it was fully healed.

Jennifer’s castmates had quite the reaction when they saw her new nose for the first time and during a recent interview, Margaret Josephs admitted that they weren’t very nice.

Margaret and Jennifer have their own share of issues stemming from seasons ago and the drama already kicked off during the first episode of Season 12.

However, despite their issues, Margaret owned up to the comments she made about Jennifer’s surgery and admitted her costar was beautiful before and is still beautiful after.

RHONJ star Margaret Josephs admits castmates weren’t very nice about Jennifer Aydin’s nose job

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star dished about the recent episode of the show during an appearance on Housewives Nightcap.

During the chat, Jennifer’s recent nose job became a topic of conversation and Margaret said she’s not happy about the way she and her castmates reacted to seeing Jennifer for the first time since her surgery.

“To be honest that night we weren’t the sweetest…” she admitted. “That’s the first time we had all seen her and our reaction wasn’t exactly very sweet or stellar, it wasn’t nice.”

Jennifer knew that when people saw the episode they weren’t going to be very nice about her nose either. So she shared a post on Instagram before the episode aired and prepared viewers for what she called “whack” plastic surgery after getting a rhinoplasty, facial lipo, and a chin implant.

The 44-year-old also shared in the post that she didn’t like the results of the chin implant so she later had it removed.

Margaret Josephs says Jennifer Aydin looks beautiful now

Meanwhile, Margaret –who has gone under the knife herself– admitted that it was too early post-surgery for them to see the final results of Jennifer’s nose job.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star said now that Jennifer has healed she looks much better.

“It was fresh. She was literally four weeks out of surgery,” said Margaret. “Everybody knows four weeks out of surgery no one looks amazing. She looks beautiful now.”

She continued, “She was always a beautiful girl. I always thought she didn’t need it, she was very pretty and she still looks great.”

Since going under the knife and filming the show Jennifer’s face has healed and her nose looks much different than what we saw on TV.

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