RHONJ: Jennifer Aydin teases ‘family secret’ involving husband Bill Aydin that will play out in Season 12

Jennifer Aydin RHONJ
RHONJ’s Jennifer Aydin in a confessional Pic credit: Bravo

Jennifer Aydin is known for bringing the drama to RHONJ, but now she is at the center of the controversy.

In a Season 12 First Look, Jennifer reveals deep marriage troubles with her husband of nineteen years, plastic surgeon Bill Aydin. After several seasons of having a strong bond, it looks like Jennifer and Bill will have their marriage put to the test. 

In the trailer, it’s evident that Jennifer and Bill are on shaky ground. The Aydins’ marriage issues will be a leading storyline of the upcoming season, and the rest of the Housewives appear to rally around Jen to help her navigate her problems with Bill.

Margaret Josephs is the one behind the exposing of this ‘family secret’

The claim on social media is that Margaret was the cause of some serious problems between Jennifer and her husband. Margaret is shown in the preview saying, “She doesn’t know if she wants to stay with Bill.”

In an emotional clip from the trailer, Jennifer exclaims, “If he [Bill] doesn’t want to be in this marriage, he doesn’t need to do me any favors.” His comments on the situation are not shared in the trailer.

Speaking with E! online, Jennifer admits about this secret, “I pretended it didn’t happen, I’ve never brought it up once in an argument. When I decided to forgive him, I forgave him and I forgot about it and that was his past. So for it to be brought up now in front of everybody was extremely difficult for me.”

All clues point to an alleged affair earlier in their marriage. After several seasons of having a strong bond, viewers, and fans of the show are shocked at these new revelations.

Jennifer is pressured to relive the infidelity and to explain the issues to her kids. Other sources wrote into DeuxMoi claiming that Bill continues to be unfaithful to Jen, which is what appears to be addressed in the new season.

Jen speaks on her marriage current day, saying she and Bill are in a great place

Although the Season 12 trailer suggests that they may split, recent social media posts show the pair has remained a family of seven despite the challenges.

In the article with E! News, Jen shares that her marriage to Bill is going well and that they are committed to their family.

Jen shares, “We are in a place where we’re just going to filter out the noise and not let anybody ruin our happiness. I do have the perfect family for me, it’s perfect for me. I know nothing is perfect but it works for us and we do whatever it takes to make it work”

The Real Housewives of New Jersey premiers Feb. 1 at 8 p.m. on Bravo.

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