RHONJ: Dolores Catania says Jennifer Aydin still hasn’t spoken to her, doesn’t know where they stand

RHONJ star Dolores Catania says Jennifer Aydin refuses to speak to her until reunion.
Dolores Catania speaks about her friendship with Jennifer Aydin. Pic credit: Bravo

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Dolores Catania is very confused about the current state of her relationship with Jennifer Aydin. The two women haven’t spoken in a while and won’t be able to hash things out until the reunion, per Jennifer’s request.

A few weeks ago Jennifer questioned her friendship with Dolores and claimed that the 51-year-old has been a jerk to her on the show. Tensions have been high between the former friends this season amid the cheating scandal involving Jennifer’s husband.

Jennifer, who had brushed her husband’s infidelity under the rug for several years, finally faced the issue after it was revealed to the group. However, even Jennifer’s nemesis Jackie Goldschneider voiced that Dolores hasn’t been the type of friend that Jennifer needed as she appeared to be in a delicate state this season.

Now things are tense between the costars, and Dolores is frustrated that Jennifer is waiting until the reunion to speak to her.

Dolores Catania says Jennifer Aydin still hasn’t spoken to her

Dolores was surprised to hear that Jennifer had questioned their friendship during an interview, and they have yet to talk about it. However, it’s not for lack of trying on Dolores’ part.

She confessed to reaching out to her Real Housewives of New Jersey castmate, but Jennifer refuses to speak to her.

“Yeah, no we haven’t spoken she says she’ll speak to me at the reunion,” said Dolores during an interview on Housewives Nightcap.

One of the hosts noted that maybe Jennifer wants to save their talk for the camera, which is why she’s waiting to hash things out at the reunion, but Dolores wasn’t really buying that.

“Save it for the camera fine, but have your peace with me and say it to my face before we get [there]” responded Dolores. “What even is that? I’m not understanding it.”

Dolores noted that at first she was “upset” by Jennifer’s stance but said she doesn’t really care anymore.

Dolores Catania thinks Jennifer Aydin is doing it all for attention

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star continued to air her frustration at Jennifer questioning their friendship.

Dolores affirmed that she has “stuck up” for Jennifer in every episode even when she wasn’t defendable.

As for why Jennifer has a problem with her, Dolores said, “No one has a clue. No one.”

The mom-of-two reasoned that if her castmate really had a problem with her she would have simply confronted her about it.

“Why, if it’s not for attention, do you have to wait to tell me at the reunion?” questioned Dolores.

“I will be a different person to you now, for the rest of your life,” she added.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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