RHODubai star Caroline Stanbury robbed while vacationing in Greece

Caroline Stanbury on the show
Caroline Stanbury was robbed while on vacation. Pic credit: Bravo

Caroline Stanbury and her victims were the victims of a terrifying robbery while they vacationed in Greece.

Stanbury was the Queen of the Ladies of London, which aired on Bravo for three seasons. Now she is running things in the UAE as the star of the Real Housewives of Dubai, which is in its inaugural season.

This new series showcases Caroline’s life in the desert with her new husband, pro soccer player Sergio Carrallo, and her three children from a previous marriage – Yasmin, Aaron, and Zac. Her opulent lifestyle has always been attractive to fans of Ladies of London, and viewers were excited to see her on RHODubai.

But it seems that Caroline and family hit a string of bad luck on a recent vacation to Greece, where they entered their home to find they were being robbed.

Caroline Stanbury said her vacation turned into a nightmare

Caroline and her family arrived at her vacation home in Mykonos on Saturday to find that a robbery was in progress as they opened the door. She had earlier been saying that the home was so remote that it was scary, and joked that someone could break into the house and no one would hear them. The group had gotten to the home only three hours earlier, went to dinner, and came home to the chaotic scene.

“All our bags that we had left by the door to move were open all over the floor,” Caroline said. When she saw lights on upstairs, she “realized that there was someone still in the house,” which Caroline said was the “scariest part.”

The group immediately left the home and called the police. Afterward, they went back into the house to find that all of their valuables were gone, including one sentimental item. “They took my husband’s wedding ring, which he’s absolutely destroyed over,” Caroline revealed.

Caroline happily reports that everyone in her family is fine, and they immediately moved to a secure hotel for the remainder of their getaway. Caroline also used this as an opportunity to be thankful for the security they have living in Dubai, saying, “When people ask why we love Dubai, this is a reminder! You cannot beat the secure feeling we all have living there.”

Housewives have been the targets of home invasions

Just within the past year, two other Bravo stars have been victims of robberies and dangerous home invasions.

This season of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is heavily focused on the terrifying robbery at gunpoint of Dorit Kemsley when she was home with her children. In October 2021, two assailants held Dorit at gunpoint as they stole countless valuable items such as designer bags and jewelry.

More recently, Real Housewives of New Jersey star Jennifer Aydin was away in Miami when her husband, Bill’s, Ferrari was stolen from their garage. Their son, Justin, just narrowly missed encountering the thieves when he came home just minutes later. The car was valued at $200,000 and was luckily found soon after.

Fans will also remember that RHOBH star Kyle Richards was also the victim of a robbery in 2017 when her Beverly Hills home was broken into when her family was vacationing in Aspen. The culprits got away with over $1 million in jewelry, much of which belonged to Kyle’s late mother and was very meaningful to Kyle.

The Real Housewives of Dubai airs at 9/8c on Bravo.

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