RHOC alum Meghan King says she went through the casting process again to rejoin the show but was rejected

RHOC alum Meghan King.
Meghan King reveals she attempted to rejoin the Real Housewives of Orange County cast but was rejected. Pic credit: Bravo

Former Real Housewives of Orange County star Meghan King recently revealed she attempted to rejoin the cast but was ultimately rejected by the show.

Despite spending three years with the RHOC cast, Meghan says she had to go through the entire casting process again, and the rejection was quite a blow.

Meghan was a polarizing personality during her time with the RHOC cast. While some found her to be a breath of fresh air, others felt she was too different from the other cast members they were used to. Naturally, this included OGs Vicki Gunvalson and Tamra Judge.

While appearing on Tamra’s shared podcast with RHOBH alum Teddi Mellencamp, Meghan opened up about her experience on the show and the feelings she grappled with after her rejection.

Meghan King attempted to rejoin RHOC cast and was rejected

While speaking to Tamra on the Two Ts In A Pod podcast, Meghan recalled why she initially felt she needed to step away from the show in the first place. And according to Meghan, it was a legitimate reason and wasn’t as dramatic as some would like to believe.

“I quit [because] I was pregnant with the twins,” she shared. “And that’s for real. That’s not embellished.”

She continued to acknowledge that she didn’t believe she was untouchable by any means. However, that’s not why she walked away from the show.

“Not to say that I wouldn’t have gotten fired or something anyways. But, like, I actually did quit.”

Meghan and Tamra then touched on the feeling of leaving the show. Tamra admitted exiting the show felt like being “kicked out” of the popular girls’ clique. And while Meghan agreed, she also confessed to reapplying with the show in the hopes of rejoining the cast.

Unfortunately, she experienced a less than favorable outcome.

“But then, I wanted to go back on last year, and I went through the whole casting process. And I didn’t get it. Now that feels like I got kicked out,” she joked.

The rejection also came without explanation, which left Meghan confused.

Things have changed in my life. So maybe that was it,” she pondered. “That’s the only thing I could really understand. But…”

Meghan King and Tamra Judge admit missing aspects of filming for RHOC

Despite the drama and confrontations that came with filming for the show, Meghan and Tamra agreed that it was a double-edged sword. There were times they loved filming for the show and other times when they dreaded it.

“I miss getting dressed up and, like, doing cool things and having your life planned out for you. That was fun,” Meghan shared.

“Yeah, that’s what I miss too,” Tamra agreed. “Like being a part of something. But then at other times I’m like, like today, I didn’t want to do my hair, and I didn’t want to…like, that’s the part that I don’t miss is having to get all dolled up and all the clothes.”

When it came down to it, both Meghan and Tamra agreed that it was a “grass is greener” experience.

“You miss it, but you don’t miss it,” Tamra concluded.

The Real Housewives of Orange County airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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