RHOBH: Sutton Stracke says will ‘never’ be friends with Erika Jayne, admits ‘I don’t trust her’

Sutton Stracke
Sutton Stracke gets honest about her relationship with Erika Jayne. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Sutton Stracke and Erika Jayne’s friendship has been a constant pattern of ups and downs for the past two seasons.

Once news broke of the lawsuits that were filed against Erika and her estranged husband, attorney Tom Girardi, Sutton began to keep her distance from Erika as a way to protect her reputation and out of concern for legal issues herself.

Their season-long feud came to a head last season during a dinner party at Kathy Hilton’s house, where threats and accusations flew, and Sutton nearly left the show after.

After many attempts to make up, the two have recently begun to take steps to work on their friendship, and Sutton hosted Erika for lunch in this week’s episode.

Even though they left their lunch date laughing and having a great time, it seems the peace between the two was short-lived.

Sutton and Erika appeared on the RHOBH After Show, revealing their friendship is over, possibly for good.

RHOBH: Sutton Stracke cannot get over the things Erika said to her in the past

Although they left off this week on a really great note, Sutton apparently had second thoughts. “I can’t let it go, and I don’t trust her,” she admitted. Sutton is also still upset that Erika has called her names on various occasions, and she is not able to forgive her.

Sutton is referring to the events of Season 11, where Erika called Sutton an obscenity, threatened her on several occasions, and pretended to make nice with her in San Diego. Things came to a head at the reunion, where Erika kept it real and said that she didn’t really like Sutton, but was simply playing her for her own benefit.

Sutton said that she would not wish Erika harm, but had accepted that she is just not going to be a friend. “I can sit at the table with her, but she’s not a friend, and she never will be,” she revealed.

Erika Jayne said she approached Sutton with an open heart and mind

Erika has admitted that she has a lot of work ahead of her, both personally and legally, and needs to have people on her side. Lisa Rinna and Dorit Kemsley have been firmly Team Erika, but Erika has received criticism from the rest of her castmates.

Regarding her Popeyes and silver lunch at Sutton’s home, Erika said she went there with an open heart and an open mind, trying to bridge the gap between the frenemies. The ladies seemed to have a great time together, and Erika was honest about her troubles. At the time, she felt her openness was well received by Sutton, but “we’ll see how long it lasts,” Erika admitted.

Erika has admitted her faults in this battle with Sutton, and that she has used her words to hurt Sutton. She expressed interest in burying the hatchet, even if just for her own sanity during a difficult time, saying, “I want peace within my life and within this group of women.”

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