RHOBH Red Wine Recap: Kathy apologizes but Rinna can’t let the mouse go

Lisa Rinna staring at Kathy Hilton
Lisa Rinna remained determined to take down Kathy Hilton on last night’s RHOBH, no matter how much Hilton apologized. Pic credit: Bravo

Monsters and Critics columnist Liz Long recaps The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Season 12, Episode 20, Silence is Golden, with a little help from a glass of Pinot (or two)….

Hello, Housewives-Lovers. Are you as annoyed as I am after watching our latest episode of RHOBH?

I mean, did we seriously have Lisa Rinna telling Kathy she was the one with the “black heart”?!

Yep, we sure did.

As Rinna sat there and tried to figure out how Kathy and Kyle could mend their sisterly relationship, I had only one solution:

Remove you, Rinna!

Oh, I’m shook. And not like Lisa Rinna “shook” either.

I am actually shook.

Pour yourself whatever that tequila Kathy’s selling. And let’s recap.

Rinna keeps setting the stage for her Kathy take-down

Lisa Rinna talking to Diana Jenkins and Erika Jayne.
Martyr Rinna tells the ladies she has been sending Kathy Hilton “blessings and prayers” because she “needs it.” Pic credit: Bravo

After attending Erika’s psychotherapy session, which felt like a solid 15 minutes of my life, we then go to her “pop-up” shop for Pretty Mess Hair.

This should be a time for fun where each ladies’ stylist can choose what wig looks best on each Housewife, but you better believe Rinna will use it as an opportunity to tell everyone why she left Crystal’s birthday party early.

Dorit to Rinna: Kathy called me and apologized for her behavior in Aspen.

Rinna: Well, will she be apologizing to me? She tried to SILENCE me!

Dorit to Rinna: This really comes down to an issue about Kyle and Kathy. Period.

Rinna: I’ll be damned, Dorit.

“WHY is Kathy not here,” detective Rinna asks the group.

Sutton: “Uh, maybe she’s busy?”

Dramatic Rinna: I’ve sent blessings and prayers through my heart for Kathy because she needs it.


Sutton asking "I don't know. Does Lisa pray?" as she shrugs.
Sutton says what we’re all thinking. Pic credit: Bravo

What’s more, as Lisa unravels how Kathy angrily left the hat shop, likely because of Rinna’s ordering Kendall Jenner’s tequila, Rinna … RINNA! … accuses Kathy of being jealous of the Kardashians.

I’m sorry … whaaaaaaat?!

Kathy goes on her apology tour, but Rinna’s not having it

Lisa Rinna talking to Kathy Hilton while Kyle Richards listens
Lisa Rinna tries to play judge, jury, and executioner to Kathy Hilton. Pic credit: Bravo

So, again – mind you – this, at its core, is an argument between Kathy and Kyle.

Kathy said hurtful things about Kyle, and Kathy came over to apologize for it. Repeatedly.

They even hug it out!

And, you know what, that might have been it for the sisters but enter Rinna, in her black turtleneck, to make sure no forgiveness can be had.

No matter WHAT Kathy said, you better believe Rinna would hold her feet to the fire and question Kathy’s every move.

“You need help, Kathy.” “I locked myself in my room.” “You had a psychotic breakdown.”

When Kathy finally quips, “well, you have been unkind too,” Rinna snidely remarks, “oh, we’re going to go there, are we.”

Yeah, Rinna. Can we PLEASE!?

You want to talk about accountability, but you are certainly no accountability Queen!

You say you “own it,” but why so quick to want to attack others?

In other words, why the Black Heart Rinna?

But since we are gaslighting, Rinna accuses KATHY of not only gaslighting but also HER having the black heart.

Oy vey, as Dorit would say.

Kyle, are you going to say SOMETHING?! To defend your sister?!

Oh, it looks like that will happen next episode at the finale.

Til then, my Housewives-Lovers!

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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