RHOBH: Garcelle Beauvais reveals if she thinks Erika Jayne knew about Tom Girardi’s alleged crimes

RHOBH star Garcelle Beauvais gives her opinion on Erika Jayne and Tom Girardi
Garcelle Beauvais talks about Erika Jayne in latest interview. Pic credit:Bravo

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills viewers witnessed an intense interaction between Garcelle Beauvais and Erika Jayne last night that no one saw coming. The shocking moment came after Erika confessed to Garcelle that Tom Girardi has been calling her since she left him, but that she has not taken his calls.

Later on, when Garcelle brought up the conversation among the other women, Erika was furious. However, viewers have applauded Garcelle on social media for asking Erika the hard-hitting questions that they also want to be answered.

The Haitian beauty also opened up about Erika and her current legal woes during a recent interview.

Did Erika Jayne know about Tom Girardi’s alleged crimes?

Garcelle Beauvais had an interesting response to the question about whether or not her castmate knew what her husband was up to for all these years.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star had a recent sit down with Housewives Nightcap and not surprisingly Erika Jayne and her estranged Tom Girardi were major topics of conversation.

Garcelle noted, “Everything was developing as we shot, I mean literally every day we’d wake up and there’d be something that the producer either texted us or we’re reading online or we’re hearing in the news. I mean it was really hard,”

Garcelle was asked if she believed Erika really didn’t know what was going on with Tom and his law firm and as always the outspoken actress didn’t hold back.

“I believe she didn’t know all of it…” responded the RHOBH star. “Is there some that she could’ve known? Maybe, but you know, every marriage has a different dynamic… when you’re dealing with a guy that’s that high-powered, I don’t think he told her everything.”

Garcelle Beauvais talks Erika Jayne and Tom Girardi

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star continued to dish about the dynamics between Tom Girardi and Erika Jayne — while making a case for why her co-star may not have been privy to Tom’s financial dealings.

“When they met, she was 22 years old, I don’t know how much business things he would talk to her about so I don’t know,” positioned Garcelle. “We’re all really learning as we go along. I think Erika’s learning as we go along.”

The mom-of-three also commented on the revelation that Tom had cheated on Erika— after the Painkiller singer shared the revelation during a past episode. Erika told her castmates that she found evidence of her husband’s infidelity on his phone a few years ago.

“I mean like this is what’s so crazy, if you look at Erika and you look at Tom, who’s cheating? Like what? Come on, you would’ve thought Erika was swinging from the chandeliers,” commented Garcelle.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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