RHOA: Claudia Jordan slams NeNe Leakes after she called out former costars for sending one bouquet of flowers

RHOA alum Claudia Jordan slams NeNe Leakes for her recent comments regarding former castmates
Claudia Jordan slams NeNe Leakes. Pic credit:©

Former Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member Claudia Jordan has joined the conversation regarding NeNe Leakes’s recent statements about her costars. Claudia is slamming her nemesis and touting her as ungrateful for her shady comments regarding the other RHOA stars.

The OG has been feeling the heat online after a recent interview where she was asked about her former costars and the support she got from them following the death of her husband Gregg Leakes.

NeNe’s honesty got her into hot water and people have had a lot to say, including Claudia who recently called NeNe’s behavior tacky.

Claudia Jordan slams NeNe Leakes’s behavior as tacky

NeNe became a hot topic following her recent comments about the other Real Housewives of Atlanta stars.

She made a shady comment about the fact that the Atlanta Housewives pooled together and sent her a $200 bouquet of flowers instead of them each sending their own bouquets. She also claimed that Cynthia Bailey didn’t show up to see her until a week after Gregg passed away.

The comment had some people triggered and Claudia Jordan was among them.

During a segment of her show on Fox, Soul, Claudia had an earful to say about NeNe’s remarks.

“I did feel triggered…When I heard about this story I was like ‘hold up, no one owes you anything.’ We didn’t have to spend one dollar. It has nothing to do with you,” said Claudia. “It has to do with your husband and paying respect to the man that we all got to know and love.”

She continued, “NeNe I can’t tell you how to grieve because again I’ve never lost a husband, I’ve never lost a man. I’m not married… but it’s just such a tacky thing to…did you google how much the flowers cost?”

“The things that you’ve said about other people, you’re lucky that anyone even showed up for you, actually. And the fact that people rallied around you, I thought was a beautiful moment so let’s not ruin it,” added Claudia.

Claudia Jordan says NeNe Leakes is sabotaging her brand

The one-season Real Housewives of Atlanta alum had a lot more to say following NeNe’s recent comments and she believes that the OG’s behavior is not good for her brand.

“I really just feel bad for her and I just feel NeNe is making these missteps that are just further sabotaging her brand and her likeability.”

Claudia also noted that this behavior is likely the reason why NeNe is not on TV right now despite her talents.

“NeNe is one of the most entertaining reality stars that has ever been on television…and the fact that she’s not on television says a lot…I think it’s stuff like this that rubs people the wrong way.”

The Real Housewives of Atlanta is currently on hiatus on Bravo.

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