Restless Road on The Bachelor: What to know about the band performing Growing Old With You

Restless Road
Restless Road gets called to play on The Bachelor. Pic credit: @restlessroad/Instagram

Restless Road, a new up-and-coming country band from Nashville, was asked to be the musical guest on the upcoming episode of The Bachelor.

Who is Restless Road?

The three men who make up Restless Road are Zach Beeken, Garret Nichols, and Colton Pack.

The men, and their band, have been working with music star, Kane Brown, as they gained more and more respect and fandom. Kane signed them back in 2020.

The men in Restless Road are huge The Bachelor fans themselves, as is Kane’s wife, so they are all loving this and celebrating together.

Although they actually went to Houston to tape the episode last October, they have had to keep it quiet until now, with the episode about to air tonight.

Because Clayton’s date details could not be leaked to the public, the guys all had to keep their lips sealed about the whole process.

The men were in utter shock as they got the news about singing on the show.

In fact, in an interview with Taste of Country, Zach Beeken, one of the members, exclaimed, “We almost swerved off the road!”

He continued by saying, “We were driving our van to the next show and our publicist called us with the news.”

The band documented this on their Instagram page, complete with the video of them getting asked and their reaction.

They captioned the video, “this is proof dreams come true (with praying hands and a red rose) watch us on ABC this Monday at 8/7 central!!”

On the show that airs tonight, Restless Road will be performing their song, “Growing Old With You.” A perfect title for a one-on-one The Bachelor date. The song talks about finding your person, living life with him/her, enjoying the years together, and growing old with that special someone.

Growing Old With You

The chorus states, “What you say we put us down some roots?

Find a house up on a hill

Travel ‘round the world

Put some pictures on the shelf

Hold you close and keep the faith

Raise some kids with our last name

Well, come on baby what you say we do?

I feel like growing old with you

I’m growing old with you.”

Who will Clayton be sharing this special dance with as Restless Road performs on stage for them? And will this be the same woman whom Clayton chooses to grow old with? Will it be the right choice? Find out tonight on The Bachelor.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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