Real Housewives of Atlanta: Eva Marcille asks judge to keep her ex away from their daughter

Eva Marcille
Eva Marcille is pleading with a judge to keep her daughter’s father away from them. Pic credit:

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Eva Marcille says that her baby daddy’s custody case against her is his latest attempt to stalk and harass her.

Kevin McCall Jr filed a suit in Atlanta last month asking for joint physical custody of their five-year-old daughter Marley Rae, and also requested that Eva and her husband, Michael Sterling, pay him child support when Marley is in his care.

Eva responded to the suit, filing docs that say there is no need to reevaluate the current custody agreement because Kevin is dangerous, according to Bossip. In response, Eva claims that Kevin is unstable and has told her that he could do worse damage than Chris Dorner-the ex-cop who went on a killing rampage and ended in a fatal shootout in 2013 in Southern California.

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She also claims that Kevin praised a man that killed her good friend and himself in a murder-suicide. She says that he called the man his “hero.” She also included a screenshot of one of Kevin’s Instagram posts where he called himself a “ticking time bomb” according to the report.

Eva also brought up the fact that Kevin is currently facing domestic violence charges in California.

The RHOA star said that Kevin never paid child support and has been an absentee father for most of Marley’s life, and he never took the court-ordered parenting classes, which was required as part of their California paternity case. She said the judge, in that case, issued a permanent restraining order against her and Marley and it should stay that way.

She also asked the court to throw the case out, since California has jurisdiction over the case.

Kevin’s attorney, Adamma McKinnon has responded to TMZ, stating that Kevin’s past shouldn’t hinder his ability to be there for his daughter. She said, “Fatherhood or the right to be a Father is a highly esteemed privilege. Each and every human being has a shortcoming and has made a mistake a time or two, yet mistakes or shortcomings should never prohibit a father from serving as a father to his son or daughter.”

She also stated, “Such denial becomes a disservice to the innocent child as it serves a child’s best interests to foster a bond with both parents. I look forward to working with counsel for Mrs. Sterling to ensure that Mr. McCall will be able to enjoy his privilege of fatherhood with their lovely daughter going forward and under the direction of the presiding Court.”

She finishes by stating, “Mr. McCall’s primary focus has always been and will continue to be the best interests of his daughter.”

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