Pump Rules: Lala Kent ready for a ‘hot girl summer’ following plastic surgery

VPR star Lala Kent.
Lala Kent says she’s ready for a “hot girl summer” following her breast augmentation and left ear procedures. Pic credit: ©

Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent is ready to put her body on display following her most recent plastic surgery procedures.

The Give Them Lala Beauty founder recently went under the knife for a breast augmentation and a procedure to fix her left ear.

Although certain followers tried to warn Lala against her breast augmentation plans, explaining the serious potential risks often associated with procedures of that nature, there was no changing her mind.

As previously reported by Monsters and Critics, Lala couldn’t be persuaded away and went ahead with the procedures regardless of follower opinions.

She shared a hilarious video clip of herself coming around after her surgery and having a fun chat with her assistant Jessica.

During a recent chat with Us Weekly, Lala gave an update on her healing and revealed she’s more confident in her skin now that she’s perked up her chest and fixed her left ear.

Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent ‘loves’ her new assets, is ready for a ‘hot girl summer’

Speaking to the outlet, Lala shared her excitement in finally putting some money and effort into herself.

“Oh, my gosh. I love my new boobs. I love my new boobs and I love my new ear. I’m feeling it’s gonna be hot girl summer,” she shared.

Lala continued to add that the surgery to pin back her ear is something she’s wanted done for quite some time because it’s been a constant insecurity for her.

“I got my left ear pinned back. Find a throwback picture of me with my hair back. I’m telling you this ear is snatched. Now look at her. She’s so cute,” she noted. “Since I was a little kid [I wanted to fix my left ear]. There were so many insecurities that I’ve had throughout my lifetime that I’ve gotten over and [I] just accepted the ear was not one of them.”

She continued, “And I was like, ‘If I can fix it, I’m going to.’ Now I never wear my hair down.”

Lala talks new hair and bangs ahead of Season 10

Now that the mom of one has pinned back her ear and gotten her breast augmentation, the only other consideration Lala is seriously considering is whether or not she’s willing to commit to a new hairstyle — bangs, to be exact.

Lala recently uploaded a shot of herself with a new “do” and while the shot is stunning, Lala admitted the idea of changing her hair so drastically left her feeling “vulnerable.”

“I’m still wondering if I have bangs or not. Literally, everyone told me, ‘Do not cut [your] bangs. You’re going to regret it,'” she said. “So, I literally just turned my broken hairs into bangs, just to dip the toe in the pond. I actually really liked them. I felt very vulnerable with my bangs.”

It’s not only her bangs that leave Lala feeling vulnerable, but the color of her hair as well.

Longtime Vanderpump Rules fans will recall that Lala has been through a few hair color changes over the years. From a dark brunette hue all the way to near-platinum blonde. And as it turns out, she feels more like the current version of herself when she maintains her blonde locks.

“When I’m super blonde, I am Lala. When I am not putting on glam or my roots are down to my ankles, I am like, ‘Oh, we are Lauren from Utah today.'”

Fans and viewers will have to tune into Season 10 to find out if Lala sticks with the bangs.

Vanderpump Rules is currently on hiatus.

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