Pump Rules: Lala Kent ends brief romance with Don Lopez, received ‘warnings’ despite ‘fun’ in the bedroom

VPR star Lala Kent.
Lala Kent says her brief tryst with Don Lopez is over after she received warnings about him. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent has reportedly ended her brief romance with Don Lopez, though it seems the two had fun while it lasted.

As previously reported by Monsters and Critics, Lala’s new man was revealed to be model Don Lopez after she teased followers with an up-close picture of his facial and neck tattoos.

Though she had wanted to keep his identity somewhat of a mystery, it didn’t take long for the internet sleuths to delve in and uncover the mystery man’s identity.

After being discovered as Lala’s newest beau, it seemed the two had plenty in common, and they seemed like a pretty good match — on paper, at least.

Both are single parents to young children, and both have lost their fathers, which was a devastating loss to them.

Despite their commonalities, it just wasn’t meant to be for Lala and Don, and she recently revealed the two have split, though Lala did admit there was plenty of fun between the sheets while they were together.

Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent and Don Lopez end their brief romance, Lala says she received ‘warnings’ about the model

While appearing on a new episode of SiriusXM’s Jeff Lewis Live, Lala confessed that she had fun with Don. However, after her teasing post on social media and the internet uncovering his identity, Lala revealed she learned a little more about him than she expected.

And some of it was worrisome.

“Don and I have had a lot of fun in the bedroom, but I posted him for a thirst trap,” Lala told show host Jeff Lewis. “And then a lot of doors opened to people saying certain things, and now I’ve got to scratch him off the roster.”

Lala continued to share that after his identity came to light, she received “warning” messages, and that was enough to make her walk away from the romance.

It wasn’t all bad news for the newly single mom of one, though. She explained that Don was the first man she had slept with following her traumatic split from ex-fiance and baby daddy Randall Emmett.

Their connection may not have lasted, but according to Lala, she’ll “always have a special place in [her] heart for him.”

Lala previously admitted to being ‘in love’ with mystery man, turns out she wasn’t talking about Don Lopez

After Don was revealed to be the mystery man in her social media post, it turns out Lala wasn’t referencing him when she previously admitted to being “in love” with someone new.

In a previous appearance on Jeff Lewis’ same radio show, Lala admitted she was seeing someone new, and while his appearance may throw some off, it simply didn’t match what “came out of his mouth.”

“I think I might be in love with someone,” she admitted at the time. “…He’s a unicorn.”

During her most recent appearance, Lala admitted she wasn’t talking about Don. She shared that at the time, she was talking about another “dude,” and she didn’t understand why he was single when they met because he seemed like a great guy. However, that also didn’t last, and that was around the time she met Don.

Unfortunately, it simply wasn’t meant to be for these two either.

Vanderpump Rules is currently on hiatus.

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