Pump Rules: Brittany Cartwright shows off impressive weight loss results

Former VPR star Brittany Cartwright.
Vanderpump Rules alum Brittany Cartwright shows off her impressive weight loss. Pic credit: ©

Former Vanderpump Rules star Brittany Cartwright showed off further results from her current weight loss journey, and the results are impressive.

The mom to 1-year-old son Cruz, whom she welcomed with husband Jax Taylor in April 2021, has been determined to get herself into pre-baby shape since welcoming her little one. Throughout her pregnancy, Brittany received unrelenting messages from online trolls about her pregnancy weight gain.

And although the comments stung, Brittany harnessed the potential feelings of shame and turned it into an opportunity to share with her fans and followers who might be going through something similar in their own lives.

After becoming a spokesperson for the weight loss company Jenny Craig, Brittany has continued to share her successes with fans online. And in a recent post to social media, Brittany shared her most recent results and took the time to answer fan questions about her current regime.

Vanderpump Rules alum Brittany Cartwright gives followers an update on her weight loss journey

Taking to her Instagram, Brittany shared a post showing off her current curves and celebrating how far she’s come in terms of her fitness goals.

Rocking an olive green, velvet minidress, Brittany proudly set her hands on her hips as she posed for the picture. However, it was the post’s description that truly conveyed why the eye-catching dress was so important to her.

She captioned the post, “This is an appreciation post for fitting into a dress I used to wear pre Cruzy! ?????? Wwoo hooooo! ???”

Brittany answers follower questions about her weight loss results

In a separate post to her Instagram Stories, Brittany answered some follower questions regarding her results and gave a behind-the-scenes look at what the Jenny Craig program has been like for her.

One follower asked, “How much weight have you lost?”

“So far I have lost 34 pounds on the program,” she shared as she stood in front of a full-length mirror in a bathing suit and slide sandals. “The fact that I even feel like I’m okay to be in a bathing suit and, like, put it out there is incredible for me. I’m so proud. I’m so happy about my success it’s been great.”

Screenshot from Brittany Cartwright's IG Stories.
Pic credit: @brittany/Instagram

When another follower asked if she had reached her goal weight, Brittany shared that although she wasn’t quite at her goal weight just yet, she was only a few pounds away from the accomplishment.

“So as of now I want to lose, like, 10 — maybe 15 — more pounds. With the program my goal is to [lose] 40 [pounds] total. So, I am at 34 [pounds lost] right now, only six more pounds to go,” she shared enthusiastically.

Yet another follower asked Brittany if she had ever hit a rough patch where she found herself needing to “switch things up” in order to keep dropping the weight.

Screenshot from Brittany Cartwright's IG Stories.
Pic credit: @brittany/Instagram

Brittany credited much of her success in staying on track to the coach assigned to her by the company. According to Brittany, having the coach only a phone call away helped to keep her accountable and guide her through any necessary changes.

Overall, Brittany is clearly finding immense success with her current program and the increase in her confidence is evident.

Vanderpump Rules is currently on hiatus.

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11 months ago

From one ky girl to another. You look awesome!!!