Pump Rules: Brittany Cartwright admits to fighting with Jax Taylor the day Cruz came home from the hospital

Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright.
Brittany Cartwright shared a story about an intense argument she had with husband Jax Taylor when they brought their son Cruz home from the hospital. Pic credit: ©

Former Vanderpump Rules stars Brittany Cartwright and her husband Jax Taylor may be thriving with parenthood now, but according to Brittany there was a time the couple simply wasn’t seeing eye-to-eye.

Brittany and Jax welcomed their son Cruz in April 2021. He was the only boy born during the first ever Vanderpump Rules baby boom. Brittany and Jax’s co-stars Stassi Schroeder, Lala Kent, and Scheana Shay also welcomed babies in the same year, however, the three ladies all welcomed daughters.

Although all is well now, Brittany recalled a time she and Jax argued fiercely, and as it turns out, this happened just as they were bringing their newborn son home from the hospital.

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Vanderpump Rules alum Brittany Cartwright recalls argument with husband Jax Taylor after bringing Cruz home from the hospital

While appearing on the Betches Moms podcast, Brittany discussed her experiences in parenthood alongside Jax.

“He does everything which I think is really shocking,” she shared. “Like, I knew he would be a good dad, like changing diapers [and] waking up in the middle of the night.”

She continued to gush that Jax “loves his son” and has been “doing great” as a father.

However, Brittany also shared a story that may not have been so wonderful at the time, but one she doesn’t mind talking abouit now.

“A funny story — I will say that coming home from the hospital, like the drive home, [Jax] was driving me nuts,” Brittany noted. “And it’s the first time with our child like leaving the hospital and he was going so slow and he’s being like so weird, and he’s getting mad at traffic because L.A. has the worst traffic ever anyways.”

Brittany continued to share how stressed Jax was as they drove home from the hospital and noted that the two eventually ended up “yelling at each other.”

“So he’s like so mad about it and then we’re sitting here and yelling at each other, I was like this is our first day with our child, we’ve got to relax.”

Brittany added, “It’s like he’s going to be fine if we get there, it’s going to be okay, he’s going to be just fine. But that ride home was definitely something else for him.”

Brittany shares more of Jax’s initial fears when bringing their newborn home

Now that Cruz is over a year old, Brittany can likely look back at the stressful time of his newborn days with a bit of a chuckle. However, in the same interview she also noted that Jax’s safety concerns for Cruz were a tad bit extreme.

“He wouldn’t even carry the baby up the stairs,” Brittany stated. “I had to carry him up the stairs for like the first four months probably and then he was like okay I got this now.”

Thankfully, Jax and Brittany have a full handle on parenthood these days and little Cruz seems to be thriving.

Vanderpump Rules is currently on hiatus.

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