Pump Rules: Ariana Madix weighs in on friendship with Lala Kent, gives update on Katie and Tom amid divorce

VPR star Ariana Madix.
Ariana Madix weighed in on her friendship with Lala Kent and shares her feelings around Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz’s divorce. Pic credit: ©

Ariana Madix is gearing up for yet another season of filming for Vanderpump Rules, and as the new season draws near, Ariana isn’t holding back when it comes to the ongoing drama within her group of friends.

After joining the Pump Rules cast all the way back in Season 2, Ariana has been unable to escape the continuous drama of her group – something she knows she signed on for when signing up to participate.

Over the years, Ariana and her castmates have been through plenty of conflicts, confrontations, and outright blowout fights. And the past year, in particular, has seen a monumental shift in the cast dynamics.

Lala Kent and her ex-fiance Randall Emmett called off their three-year engagement after allegations of infidelity surfaced against the movie producer. And as previously reported by Monsters and Critics, Katie Maloney filed to end her 12-year relationship with her husband Tom Schwartz.

With all the changes happening, Ariana weighed in with her thoughts.

Ariana Madix talks changing dynamics and friendship with Pump Rules co-star Lala Kent

While speaking with Access Hollywood correspondent Lauren Herbert, Ariana wasted no time sharing her thoughts on the group’s current dynamic — including her friendship with Lala Kent.

When asked about the current status of her friendship with Lala, Ariana shared, “We’re in an up right now.”

“I think that’s one thing with me and Lala over the years is that we love hard and we fight hard with each other … When we are together we have a really fun time, and we can have really wonderful times together,” she added. “And I always want her and her daughter Ocean to be happy and healthy, and I want good things for them.”

Ariana went on to clarify that her friendship with Lala tends to fluctuate and although things can go well for a while, it often doesn’t take much to set either of them off.

According to the Earth to Ariana podcast host, her drama with Lala tends to happen when “me or her says something that the other doesn’t like.”

“We address it [and sometimes] that gets, you know, to be yelling at each other, but at least we work through our stuff, I guess.”

Ariana talks ‘emotional turmoil’ between Katie and Tom amid their ongoing separation and divorce

During her appearance, Ariana was asked how she manages to maintain her friendship with both Katie and Tom despite their current relationship status.

“I wanna make sure that both of them know that, you know, I love and care about both of them. I definitely think that there’s been – with them moving out of their house – and I know it’s a lot of emotional turmoil and stuff, that, like, I don’t wanna encroach,” she stated.

She continued to say that she wanted to give her friends the “space” to decide how and when to let her into their lives.

“I can only imagine what they’re going through,” she noted, “But, I always just want them both to know that they’re loved and have them both feel included.”

Pump Rules fans will have to stay tuned in order to watch the dynamics unfold when the newest season drops.

Vanderpump Rules is currently on hiatus.

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