Project Runway: Sergio accused of ripping off Celine Dion’s reverse tuxedo

Designer Sergio Guadarrama
Sergio Guadarrama was accused of copying Celine Dion’s reverse tuxedo. Pic credit: Stube2000/YouTube

On last night’s episode of Project Runway (Season 8, Episode 9), titled Suit Yourself, contestant Sergio Guadarrama, came under fire after he was accused of copying a reverse tuxedo design previously worn by Celine Dion and trying to pass it off as original.

The designers competing on last night’s episode of the show were asked to create original designs that reinvent the tuxedo in a way that reflects the contemporary style and popular fashion trend. They were tasked to create designs for men, women, and non-binary individuals.

Sergio Guadarrama came up with a reverse tuxedo design. He claimed that his design was original and that no one has done anything like it before. He described the idea of wearing clothing backward as “thinking outside the box.”

But other designers on the show, including Brittany Allen and Jenn Charkow (an eliminated contestant who returned to assist the top seven contenders), recalled that the actress Celine Dion wore a reverse/backward tuxedo by John Galliano on the Oscars red carpet back in 1999.

However, the design was widely criticized at the time, and the concept did not catch on.

Nancy Volpe-Beringer, one of the contestants on Project Runway, also created a reverse shirt on Season 18, Episode 4, titled The Ultimate Upcycle, that aired on January 2.

Fans react on Twitter

Many fans online also recalled the reverse tuxedo by Galliano that Celine Dion wore on the Oscars red carpet in 1999,  and they took to social media to call out Sergio for claiming he was not aware of it.

Many thought it was unlikely that Sergio was unaware of Dion’s controversial outfit, and they accused him of trying to rip off Dion’s outfit.

Some hip-hop fans also recalled that the ’90s hip hop duo, Kriss Kross, used to wear their clothes backward.

Fans also slammed Sergio for saying the 1950s were the best

Sergio’s claim that his reverse tuxedo design was original was not the only thing he said that irked fans last night. Many fans also criticized Sergio for talking about how great the 1950s were.

African American Twitter users, in particular, were irritated by the statement and took to Twitter to remind everyone that the 1950s were not good for blacks because the decade was part of the era of Jim Crow segregation laws.

Other Twitter users argued that the 1950s weren’t the best for all minority groups, including LGBTQ. Some also claimed it wasn’t the best decade for women either.

A few fans argued that Sergio probably wouldn’t have had the opportunities he’s enjoying today if he had lived in the 1950s.

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