Phor’s ‘daughter’ on Black Ink Crew: Chicago — What is the status of the DNA test?

Phor met up with his possible baby mama and daughter on Black Ink Crew Chicago
Phor met up with his possible baby mama and daughter on Black Ink Crew: Chicago. Pic credit: VH1

On the latest episode of Black Ink Crew: Chicago, Phor learned that he might have a 17-year-old daughter.

He learned about a possible paternity issue when a woman named Nashauna reached out to him on Instagram to tell him that he fathered a little girl with the woman’s sister.

Now, he wants to know if this is really true or if he’s being set up in what could easily be a huge scam.

Naturally, Phor’s brother Don thinks that the claims about Phor’s potential daughter sound sketchy. After all, he’s faced accusations of fathering a child that he didn’t in the past too.

Don was quick to warn his brother to tread lightly and not believe everything they say.

According to the claims, Phor hooked up with this woman when he was just 15 years old, and in the time since, this is the first he’s heard about possibly being a parent.

Making this story even stranger is the fact that Phor cannot remember this woman or this event at all, even though she told him that they had sex together in a closet on top of some trash bags and that someone walked in on them while doing the deed.

That seems like a story that someone might remember, even if it happened more than 17 years ago.

Phor agreed to meet up with the mother of his possible child to discuss what happened and what to do next. While it’s clear Phor is thinking DNA test, she brought the daughter with her and offered for them to meet.

And while Phor was very uncomfortable meeting up with a 17-year-old girl that could or could not be his daughter, he agreed. It turns out that she’s a very smart junior in high school who runs track and dreams of becoming a lawyer.

It also turns out that this woman has five other children, a revelation that shocked Phor. Is he the father of this teenage girl, or are these women running an epic scam on him?

For now, Phor still doesn’t know if he’s the father or not. As the episode of Black Ink Crew: Chicago played out on VH1, Phor posted a video to Instagram from that moment and captioned it, “I know… I should’ve waited until the ? test to meet her but I’ma nice guy ??‍♂️…tune in tonight.”

In the comments, Betty Idol asked, “Cuzo! Did you take the test yet? We need to talk to Maury!”

Phor responded, “He just DM me.”

After that, many others responded, pleading with Phor to not take this story on Maury and instead, privately get tested to find out if he is the father or not.

If Phor is the father of this 17-year-old girl, he’s already made it clear that he wants to do the right thing. It seems the sooner he finds out, the better.

Black Ink Crew: Chicago airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on VH1. 

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