Phor sends Kat roses on Black Ink Crew: Chicago…and his girlfriend Nikki finds out

Kat talking to the camera on Black Ink Crew: Chicago
Kat talks about the roses she got sent from Phor on Black Ink Crew: Chicago

Phor sends his ex Kat roses on this week’s Black Ink Crew: Chicago — and it doesn’t take long till his current girlfriend Nikki finds out.

The tattoo-artist and musician sends Kat two bunches after hearing she’s back in Chicago and at her dad’s house.

The roses come with a message that reads: “Katrina, I’m really sorry about the way things ended with us. I want you to know I’ll always care for you. With love, Phor.”

Kat initially thinks they’re from her current boyfriend Zack. and is taken aback when she realizes they’re from Phor.

Katrina explains the back story of how when they were dating Phor would lie to her and was “kicking it with Nikki” behind her back — which led to Nikki and her having a fight.

And she senses his note isn’t quite what it seems. She says: “”This is not an apology, this is a ‘hey, I heard you’re home so can we f*** or what?”

This week’s episode of Black Ink Crew: Chicago also sees Kat invite the crew to a lake house, Charmaine’s job on the line after a big night partying, and Ryan and Van end up in a fist-fight.

Black Ink Crew: Chicago airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on VH1.

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