Phor from Black Ink Crew Chicago exposed in leaked video causing split from Nikki

Phor Brumfield in the confessional on Black Ink Crew: Chicago
Phor’s leaked video is still following him months later. Pic credit: VH1

Phor Brumfield suffered a leaked video just months ago that exposed the Black Ink Crew: Chicago star and caused him some major relationship problems. Unlike his brother Don, when Phor was exposed in a viral nude video, his girlfriend Nikki Nicole had enough and called it quits.

The video, which put Phor’s full assets on display, was discussed at the very end of Season 4, when Nikki confronted her man about the incredibly explicit video he was allegedly sending out.

It didn’t take long for the video to leak to the public and while it shows Phor solo, that doesn’t really make it less shocking.

It’s undoubtedly him, as the video shows Phor, essentially head to toe, with no clothes on and with all tattoos visible. In the video, the tattoo artist-turned-rapper pans the camera over the length of his body, then down through his legs and around again, showing off literally everything including his penis and buttocks.

While we can’t actually post the video here, we can tell you where to find it (and it is still available at the time of publication for those who might be curious.)

After Phor’s leaked video was made public, Nikki took no time cutting the Black Ink Crew: Chicago star loose despite his claims that he was only looking for a taker on a threesome with her.

The pair was having a rough time throughout Season 4 already but when she learned that he was sending nude videos and photos to other women, that was enough.

Nikki even shared a video on Instagram that confirmed her split from Phor. In it, she revealed that she and Phor were on speaking terms but that they were not together.

She also made it clear that without Phor by her side, there was really no reason for Nikki to return to Black Ink Crew: Chicago and that she was considering a move to another city in order to get a fresh start.

In December, Nikki Nicole did end up moving. At the end of the month, she posted a video of her going away party, letting everyone know that she was leaving Chicago.

Now, with the return of Black Ink Crew: Chicago for Season 5, there is renewed interested in Phor’s explicit video as many viewers have questions about his split with Nikki.

Black Ink Crew: Chicago airs on Wednesdays at 9/8c on VH1.

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