Peter Weber reflects on his ‘difficult’ relationship with Madison Prewett

Madison Prewett sits with Peter Weber during the live taping of After the Final Rose
Madison Prewett and Peter Weber talk to his mother during the live taping of After the Final Rose. Pic credit: ABC.

Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor feels like years ago and like it was just yesterday all at the same time. Mostly, because Peter constantly brings up his exes, and this week was no exception.

With his 15 minutes of fame starting to fade, Peter did an exclusive interview with Page Six and dished about, sorry, “reflected,” on his relationship with Madison Prewett.

First, she received a verbal whiplash from Peter’s infamous mother Barb, and now she has to deal with this? Poor girl.

Peter reflected on his “difficult” relationship with Madison Prewett

Peter called his relationship with his Season 24 runner-up (for a hot minute) Madison Prewett “the most trying and most difficult experience” he has ever been through.” Please, Peter, don’t bother sugar-coating anything.

Madison was the quintessential “saving myself for marriage” Christian Bachelor contestant, usually planted there by producers to stir things up during fantasy suite week, and stir she did.

After learning that Peter had been intimate with his other two finalists, Madison wasn’t comfortable remaining on the show and eliminated herself.

Peter reflected on this, telling Page Six, “As much respect for her as I have and think so highly of her, I definitely see there were differences between the two of us that probably weren’t going to allow a meaningful long-term relationship to flourish.”

Well, Peter may be talking about their differences in terms of morals, but let’s not forget, his mother Barb had a pretty big influence on the relationship and is clearly the giant pink elephant in the room.

After Peter dumped fiance Hannah Ann-Sluss, he and Madison decided to give things another go during the live After The Final Rose, only to end things just days later.

Peter doesn’t believe things would have gone differently

Many fans claimed things would have gone differently for the couple if Madison had received the first date and had the opportunity the tell him her beliefs, however, he doesn’t think that would have changed anything long term.

He explained, “But truly, I really mean this, I don’t know if that would have changed anything in the long run.”

For her part, Madison seemed to agree with Peter that things turned out the way they were supposed to. She also did an interview with Page Six, promoting her book Made for This Moment: Standing Firm with Grace, Strength and Courage (because writing your own book is the new version of becoming an influencer after a stint on The Bachelor or its spinoffs.)

She reflected, “In moments of pressure, in moments I felt attacked or when I felt hurt or when I felt pain, I think it was taking a step back and realizing I am part of something so much bigger than me.” So, a reality show?

Though he hasn’t read Madison’s new book, Peter claimed he’s got “nothing but great things to say about her.”

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus.

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