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Pete Davidson urged not to appear on The Kardashians over fears it will ruin relationship with Kim

Pete Davidson
Insiders close to Pete Davidson believe his appearance on The Kardashians could “decimate” him and ruin his romance with Kim. Pic credit: © Sadou/AdMedia

As Hulu’s new reality series The Kardashians airs, not everyone’s eyes are on the famous Kar-Jenner family. Some people’s eyes are pointed toward Pete Davidson, Kim Kardashian’s new boo.

In the past, Kim said that she did not film with Pete Davidson, confirming that he would not be in the show’s first season. She further said that doing reality shows isn’t something that Pete really does, but she was confident that if he were asked to go on the show, he would do it.

However, some sources believe that Pete should stay as far away from the reality series as possible if he wants to maintain his romance with Kim.

Pete Davidson being on The Kardashians would ‘kill the relationship’

Although it’s not been confirmed whether or not Pete has ever considered being part of the reality series, some of Pete’s inner circle believe he should stay far away from reality TV.

According to Page Six, Pete’s friends don’t believe there’s a need for him to appear on the show because he already has a stable career, so there’s nothing that the show can do for him.

At 28-years-old, Pete is a successful comedian who works on Saturday Night Live when he isn’t filming another of his various projects such as a Joey Ramone biopic, a rom-com, a horror film, and even a sneaker movie called American Sole.

Although this isn’t his first high-profile relationship, this is the relationship that has put more attention on Pete. One source said, “Before he met Kim, no one knew what Pete was doing [all the time].”

That’s not the only reason that Pete’s circle believes he should stay out of the reality TV business.

They believe that all of the men the Kardashians date, such as Tristan Thompson or Lamar Odom, don’t tend to do well on the reality shows and are often painted in a bad light.

The source said, “It’s a sure way to kill the relationship. Getting involved in the show decimates every man.”

However, a second source came forward and said that Pete isn’t facing pressure to appear on the show and that it isn’t true that anyone is telling Pete to stay away from the series.

Is Pete Davidson being pressured to appear on The Kardashians?

The second source revealed that Pete “feels no pressure to be in the show. Neither do the people around him. If it happens that he’s on the show, it happens.”

Although either case is possible, some believe just from watching Kim and Pete’s relationship that Pete truly isn’t facing any pressure to appear on the show. 

The two recently had their first public outing when they attended the premiere of The Kardashians together, but Pete wasn’t in the spotlight at all. At the event, Kim confirmed that he was there, but he was there to support her and let her enjoy her night for her show. 

The SKIMS founder was grateful that he was there to support her and gushed about his supportiveness, not giving even a hint that she was disappointed that he wasn’t in the show or that he wasn’t in front of the press with her. 

The Kardashians airs every Thursday on Hulu.

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