Paul Staehle explains why he’s never in photos with wife Karine Martins amid divorce rumors

Paul and Karine
Amid divorce rumors, Paul let fans know why he and Karine are not in photos together often. Pic credit: TLC

Rumors have been swirling that 90 Day Fiance couple Paul and Karine are headed for divorce due to a recent filing from Karine in Kentucky, where they live that names them as plaintiff and defendant.

While the nature of the court document doesn’t have more available information, the 90 Day community has been sharing their opinions on social media.

To that end, Paul made a post describing why fans never see him and Karine in pictures together.

Are 90 Day Fiance OGs Paul Staehle and Karine Martins headed for divorce?

A prominent 90 Day Fiance fan page and podcast host @fraudedmedia used their Instagram story to post about the speculation into Paul and Karine’s possible divorce.

They brought up Karine’s court filing in Kentucky as evidence of a split. Still, they also wavered on how much weight should be thrown into the situation, given that the controversial pair had broken up and got back together several times.

@fraudedmedia said, “Has [Paul] announced that [Karine] has filed for divorce, again? Well she has. let’s see how long this lasts until they are back together.”

@fraudedmedia's IG story
The 90 Day community has been suspicious of a divorce between Paul and Karine. Pic credit: @fraudedmedia/Instagram

Paul Staehle let fans know why he is not in pictures with Karine Martins amid divorce speculation from the 90 Day Fiance community

Paul used his own Instagram story to touch on why he and Karine are not pictured together often, which could be his way of defending against divorce rumors.

Paul proclaimed, “A lot of People ask me why I’m not in Karine’s pictures on her IG account. Normally I am the one taking the pictures so I am on the other side of the camera.”

Paul's IG story
Paul defended against criticism and rumors. Pic credit: @pauljasonstaehle/Instagram

Paul and Karine have had domestic disturbance issues in the past that have led to speculation about their breakup. When they were living in Brazil, there were allegations of domestic violence which were subsequently recanted by Karine.

Paul has also accused Karine of cheating and even went on The Maury Show to question the paternity of their two sons.

Paul’s post also comes as he has been involved in a bunch of drama with his mother over his allegations that she doesn’t want to see his and Karine’s children.

The new season of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days premieres Sunday, December 12 at 8/7c on TLC.

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