Pastor Cal reacts to Michael Morency’s heartbreaking past, says ‘cherish the good’

Pastor Calvin Roberson
Pastor Cal shares his takeaway from Michael’s Morency’s tragic losses. Pic credit: Lifetime

The recent episode of Married at First Sight Season 14 saw Michael Morency vulnerably open up about the tragic losses he’s experienced in his past. 

Michael’s emotional retelling of the loss of his brother moved many MAFS viewers and it also resonated with Married at First Sight expert Pastor Cal.

Pastor Cal shared the sentiment that he took away from Michael’s life story with friends and followers. 

Pastor Cal says ‘tomorrow is not promised’ 

Pastor Cal took to his Instagram stories to share his thoughts on a touching scene in the latest episode of Married at First Sight. 

The scene featured Michael Morency opening up to his wife Jasmina Outar about the many devastating losses in his life, starting with losing his brother. 

Michael became choked up as he recalled the tragic day when he learned his brother had been shot and killed. His past moved Jasmina to tears in her confessional. 

Pastor Cal shared a photo of Michael Morency’s scene on his television as he appeared to be watching the episode with his wife. Two mugs were featured in the photo. One mug read “I [love] my husband” and the other mug read, “I [love] my wife.” 

Pastor Cal wrote over the photo, “Cherish the good that you have because tomorrow is not promised.” 

Pastor Cal's Instagram story
Pic credit: @iamcalvinroberson/Instagram

Married at First Sight viewers come to Michael Morency’s defense 

While Michael’s heart-to-heart was a rare positive moment between him and Jasmina, the couple has mostly struggled to get along and find chemistry with one another. 

Many MAFS viewers have begun to turn on Jasmina as they feel she is the one who is escalating their arguments and bringing the negative energy into their marriage, whereas Michael appears to be trying his best to learn from his mistakes and make the marriage work. 

One Jasmina critic wrote, “Jasmina is so abrasive. She talks to Michael like he’s one of her school children then gets upset when his tone starts to match hers. And she has the nerve to call him condescending? Girl.”

Another MAFS viewer wrote, “I feel like Michael. I have no idea why Jasmina gets so upset every time he tries to understand her and keeps saying he has a tone when she has a tone with him.” 

A MAFS viewer sympathized with Michael, writing, “I honestly feel bad for Michael. Jasmina is so damn mean to that man.” 

What do you think of Jasmina and Michael’s relationship so far?

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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