Paola Mayfield under fire for ‘making a stab’ at husband Russ in family photo

Paola Mayfield IG selfie March 2023
Paola snaps a sunny car selfie to share how good she’s feeling. Pic credit: @paola_mayfield/Instagram

90 Day Fiance viewers came for alum Paola Mayfield after she seemingly took a shot at her husband, Russ Mayfield.

Paola, Russ, and their son, Axel, enjoyed a vacation in the Dominican Republic and, while they were there, celebrated Paola’s birthday and Mother’s Day.

Paola took to Instagram to share a photo during their trip. In the family pic, the trio posed beachfront on the sand, clad in their beach attire.

Axel stood in front of his parents in the photo, spreading his arms wide as they all smiled for the camera for the adorable family pic.

Although the photo was a great family shot, Paola’s caption caught her followers’ attention.

“He is all I care about ?Β @axel_mayfield,” Paola wrote.

Many of Paola’s 1.1 million Instagram followers felt her caption was a shot at Russ, and they flocked to the comments to call her out.

90 Day Fiance viewers slam Paola Mayfield for dissing her husband Russ Mayfield in a recent family pic

“Then you should have [posted] a pic without Russ,” wrote one of Paola’s critics, who called her post “rude.”

Another snarky comment read, “What a nice thing to say, when your HUSBAND is also in the pic!”

“[You’re] not happy with your husband then leave,” penned another critic. “Pretty simple..”

paola mayfield's critics commented on her instagram post with russ and axel
Paola’s followers thought her post was rude towards Russ. Pic credit: @paola_mayfield/Instagram

Another Instagram user commented that Paola’s family photo post was an obvious “stab” at Russ, and they called Paola “attention seeking.”

“I’m sure your son will be so proud one day seeing you post a picture of (probably) a good family memory for him and use it to drag his dad through the dirt. ?,” griped another.

Paola and Russ Mayfield are working on their marriage with a ‘fresh start’ in a new home

Russ and Paola, who have been married for nine years, have been through plenty of ups and downs in their marriage. In 2021, the couple decided to take a break, and Paola’s rep told PEOPLE that she and Russ were seeking marriage counseling.

Living in an RV during the height of the coronavirus pandemic caused further tension in their relationship, as did Russ losing his job, forcing Paola to be their sole provider.

However, Russ and Paola moved out of their RV earlier this year into a new four-bedroom home in Florida. Paola told In Touch that the home was a “fresh start” for her and Russ.

“It’s the perfect place to actually … start again,” Paola said of the Orlando abode.

In the meantime, Paola and Russ plan to hold onto the RV to use as a “travel home” and an investment.

The couple is living in the home while they work on building a custom dream house on land purchased solely by Paola.

“It’s a project that I wanted to do for so long and [Russ is] supporting me 100%,” Paola said of building a home.

“Of course, it’s ours, but it’s like when we have [a] project, you don’t have to always do it with your spouse,” she added. “You have your own goals, you have your own thing.”

Part 2 of the 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Season 4 Tell All airs on Sunday, May 21 at 8/7c on TLC and Discovery+.

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