Paola Mayfield admits it ‘hasn’t been easy’ staying married to husband Russ

paola mayfield Instagram selfie june 2024
Paola got real about her marriage to Russ. Pic credit: @paola_mayfield/Instagram

Paola Mayfield admits that keeping her marriage to Russ Mayfield strong has been a challenge.

The 90 Day Fiance couple was introduced to viewers in the inaugural season of the flagship series.

Over the years, fans of the franchise have watched Paola and Russ navigate plenty of highs and lows as they joined the cast of multiple 90 Day Fiance spinoffs.

Off-camera, Paola has remained more tightlipped about her and Russ’s marriage but has hinted at trouble in paradise, especially in recent years.

At one point, things between Paola and Russ were so uncertain that they separated and weren’t sure if they would ever get back together.

Paola and Russ are still going strong these days, but that doesn’t mean their relationship is without challenges.

Paola Mayfield shares what keeps her and Russ’s marriage strong

Speaking with Access Online recently, Paola briefly opened up about her and Russ’s current relationship status.

After news broke that Paola won Season 1 of The GOAT, she spoke with the outlet about her huge win and delved into some tea about her private life while she was at it.

When asked how Russ supported her journey on The GOAT, Paola revealed, “Oh, he always supports me in everything, not just in the crazy things I do as a wrestler, but in everything I do. I feel like he’s always there for me, and I always … I love that about him.”

Next, Paola shared the secret to keeping her 10-year relationship strong with her husband.

“It hasn’t been easy, to be honest,” Paola admitted. “I feel like Russ and I have been like at a point … I don’t know. I feel like our love, our memories, everything that we went through in our relationship, that’s what has been keeping this relationship alive [and strong].”

Paola and Russ plan to adopt with her The GOAT winnings

Despite any marital issues they may have had in the past, it looks as though Paola and Russ are looking forward to the long haul together.

As the winner of The GOAT, Paola walked away with the $200,000 grand prize.

So, what does Paola intend to do with all that cash? For starters, she says it’ll help her and Russ achieve their dream: adopting a child.

Paola says that the money is “definitely going to help” her and Russ through the long process of adopting a child.

Paola says she would ‘definitely’ return to 90 Day Fiance

In addition to dishing on her marriage, Paola talked about a possible return to the 90 Day Fiance franchise.

When her interviewer asked her whether she would ever return to the hit TLC reality TV show, Paola revealed that she is open to the idea if it presents itself.

“Uh, yeah, I think I will,” Paola confessed. “If the opportunity comes, I would definitely be back to 90 Day Fiance.”

Season 8 of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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