Olivia Jade says Dancing With the Stars is helping her overcome shame of her past

Olivia Jade and Val from Dancing With the Stars
Olivia Jade and Val Chmerkovskiy from Dancing With the Stars. Pic credit: ABC

Olivia Jade came on Dancing With the Stars and claimed she was best-known as a makeup influencer.

However, many DWTS fans pointed out that they don’t know her from makeup but from her role in the College Admissions Scandal where Olivia Jade got a scholarship to USC for a fictional rowing career.

Olivia Jade’s parents went to prison and USC kicked the youngster out.

While many fans openly protested her appearance on Dancing With the Stars, she has shown great talent with Val Chmerkovskiy and is still competing on the show.

Olivia Jade says DWTS is helping her mentally

Olivia Jade said when the season began that she wanted to use it to show people a new version of herself and get a fresh start to move on from her past.

Jade, now 22, said that Dancing With the Stars has really helped her move on from the shame from the controversy of her past.

“I feel like it kind of makes me emotional in a weird way just because… I’m not gonna cry,” she said. “I think it’s like a sense of, like, I walk outside in the world the last few years, and I have a lot of, like, an overwhelming amount of guilt and shame.” 

Oliva composed herself after the first part of her response and then continued on.

“The last few years [have] just been, like, feeling a little bit shameful, so it’s really like having a new sense of confidence; obviously [it] comes a lot from Val and being in the show, and I’m just really grateful,” Olivia said.

Dancing With the Stars supporting Olivia Jade’s journey

Host Tyra Banks previously said that Oliva Jade deserved this chance to prove herself to fans. Her partner Val also said that what happened with her parents shouldn’t be held against her for the rest of her life.

“I think this is a great experience for Olivia, but this is an experience that she has and continues to earn every single day,” Val told ScreenRant in an interview.

“She came into the room with the desire to do her best, to learn the craft. She respects the show, she loves the show, she’s a fan of the show, so like I said all I want to do is teach her how to dance and let her shine.”

Val finished by saying, “I’m just a small part in her story… which is going to be long and prosperous and beautiful, and I’m excited for her.”

Dancing With the Stars airs on Monday nights at 8/7c on ABC.

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