Olivia Jade net worth 2021: How much is the Dancing With the Stars star worth, where did she get her wealth?

Olivia Jade is joining Dancing With the Stars
Olivia Jade is joining Dancing With the Stars. Pic credit: @oliviajade/Instagram

This season’s Dancing With the Stars cast has a plethora of dancers from all corners of the world of celebrities.

This includes actors, athletes, social media icons, reality TV stars, and more.

One of the reality TV stars that is appearing this year on DWTS is social media sensation, Olivia Jade.

Who is Olivia Jade?

Olivia Jade is the daughter of Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannulli and the center of their part of the College Admissions Scandal.

Olivia Jade received admission to USC and federal agents arrested her parents on fraud charges for their alleged involvement in the conspiracy.

This not only ruined Olivia Jade’s college aspirations, but it also hurt her side career.

Olivia Jade was a social media influencer and she worked with several different beauty brands. However, after the College Admissions Scandal hit the news, many of them broke off their partnerships with her, including TRESemme and Sephora.

Now, Olivia Jade wants to use the DWTS platform to help rehabilitate her reputation.

What is Olivia Jade’s net worth?

Olivia Jade’s parents are both wealthy, with her mom a previously successful Hollywood and television actress and her father, Mossimo Giannulli, a fashion designer.

While her parents are worth $70 million, Celebrity Net Worth reveals that Olivia Jade is only worth $1 million.

This was thanks to her career as a social media influencer before the College Admissions Scandal slowed that down.

How did Olivia Jade get her money?

Olivia Jade became a social media star as a teenager and has over two million followers between her social media platforms, with most coming on her Instagram and YouTube accounts.

It was YouTube that made Olivia Jade a star with her beauty tips for followers.

Olivia Jade had several big-name companies sponsoring her channel, which helped her make a nice income before the College Admissions Scandal caused them to cut ties with her.

She even had a deal with Amazon and worked in a partnership with them when she moved into her dorms using an Amazon Instagram ad.

It also didn’t help that Olivia Jade admitted on YouTube she only wanted to go to USC for the parties and football games, making the loss of income even harder to accept.

In comparison, at three years younger, fellow social media influencer JoJo Siwa’s net worth is $20 million thanks to her presence online.

Dancing With the Stars Season 30 premieres Monday, September 20, at 8/7c on ABC.

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