Noah Erb speaks out about seeing the photo of Abigail Heringer with Blake Moynes at the beach

Noah Erb
Noah Erb reacts to a photo of his girlfriend with Blake Moynes. Pic credit: ABC

Noah Erb has explained his comment to Blake Moynes after the latter posted a picture of himself with Abigail Heringer on a beach.

While Abigail and Noah seem to be stronger than ever in their relationship, it didn’t quite start out that way when they began their romance on Season 7 of Bachelor in Paradise.

The duo struggled to communicate with each other, and they both ended up leaving Paradise individually. However, during the season finale of BIP, the couple announced their reconciliation.

Recently, though, there was a photo that surfaced with Abigail, not with her boyfriend, Noah, but with Blake Moynes from Katie Thurston’s season of The Bachelorette. There has been quite a bit of drama surrounding Blake in the past with Katie Thurston and John Hersey.

What was the photo that Blake Moynes posted on his Instagram?

When Blake posted the photo with Abigail, he tagged Noah in the caption so he’d be sure to see the photo.

Noah clapped back and stated, “You shave your mangy beard and suddenly think you’re untouchable huh big dog??”

Pic credit: @blakemoynes/Instagram

As Bachelor Nation alums and fans started commenting on the photo and Noah’s reaction, they were wondering if it was a joking matter, or if Noah was, in fact, upset by it.

Abigail Heringer’s boyfriend, Noah Erb, speaks out about the photo Blake posted

However, when the couple (Abigail and Noah) were on the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast, they cleared up the controversy. Noah talked about how he was getting some sleep before his night shift as a nurse, and Abigail went to the beach to hang out with some friends.

Noah went on to say that he and Blake are friends, but said he “saw a picture and zoomed in on his hand and I was going to send it to him and be like, ‘Send me your address.’”

He then declared, “It was pretty funny, not gonna lie, but I was like here we go in the comments. He texted me too and was like ‘I just want you to know I’m joking.’ And I was going to try to act mad but I didn’t. It was funny!”

Becca Kufrin, co-host of Bachelor Happy Hour, added that they knew it was a joke, but some fans clearly thought it was the end of Noah and Abigail.

After Becca said that, Abigail laughed and retorted, “That would be a pretty wild way to announce we broke up!”

Noah added that he thought about provoking the fans and taking it further like it was real, but then Abigail wasn’t a fan, so he decided to let it ride. To hear the rest of the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast with Noah and Abigail, click here.

The Bachelorette premieres Monday, July 11th, on ABC.

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