Nicole talks about it being ‘really fun’ to keep Reindeer Games secret, compliments each cast member

Nicole Franzel on BB16
Big Brother alum Nicole Franzel returned for Reindeer Games. Pic credit: Cliff Lipson/CBS

Nicole Franzel won Big Brother: Reindeer Games.

The Big Brother spin-off invited nine former houseguests to compete for a $100,000 prize, and Nicole has given a new interview about her return to reality TV.

Some Big Brother fans were surprised to see Nicole in the house again after she decided to walk away from reality television.

Nicole appeared on BB16, won BB18, and returned for BB22 (where she finished in third place). She also appeared on The Amazing Race with her husband, Victor Arroyo.

Nicole gave birth to her son after BB22 and often shares pictures of Arrow on social media. But the chance to play a sped-up version of Big Brother was too much to pass up.

Now Nicole has become the only two-time winner in Big Brother history.

Sharon Tharp interviews the Reindeer Games winner

“It was really fun,” Nicole stated when asked if the secret about her winning was “hard” or “fun” to keep.

“Because I just wanted to see their faces, and the whole time I’m like, ‘I just want to video it,’ somehow I want to get it on video,” Nicole added.

She also noted that nobody thought she could keep the secret. Nicole also joked that Victor has become worried about how well she can keep a secret.

Here is a link to the video of Victor learning the Reindeer Games results on finale night. Nicole’s dad was also there.

Nicole also talked about how she only agreed to do the show because it was six days, and she was still breastfeeding Arrow, so she had to pump during the show.

The interview also touched on Nicole feeling underestimated ahead of Reindeer Games, how much fun she had filming the show, and that she loves everyone on the Reindeer Games cast. She had compliments for each person.

Below is the full interview Nicole had with Sharon Tharp.

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Previous Big Brother and Reindeer Games episodes are available for streaming on Paramount+.

Nicole Franzel appeared on Big Brother 16, Big Brother 18, Big Brother 22, and Big Brother: Reindeer Games.

Big Brother returns in Summer 2024.

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