Nicole Jimeno claps back at The Family Chantel critics who say she wants to be Chantel

Nicole Jimeno
Nicole Jimeno clapped back at The Family Chantel viewers who criticized her for being enamored with Chanel Everett. Pic credit: TLC

The Family Chantel critics fired back at Pedro Jimeno’s sister, Nicole Jimeno, after she had some words for Chantel Everett during the latest episode.

Nicole called out Chantel by saying that Chantel could, “kiss my a**,” given that she competed in the Miss Dominican Republic contest and was going for the crown. Nicole has notoriously always had a problem with Chantel.

On a recent picture on Nicole’s Instagram, she was criticized by The Family Chantel viewers for being obsessed with Chantel. Those remarks caused Nicole to write several retorts back.

90 Day Fiance and The Family Chantel viewers have gotten to know Nicole since Chantel and Pedro first appeared on Season 5 of the hit series. In the last few seasons of The Family Chantel, Nicole has had a bigger role on the show and developed her own storylines.

Nicole Jimeno defended against The Family Chantel critics

In the comments of one of Nicole’s Instagram pictures, several The Family Chantel critics voiced the same idea that Nicole was jealous of Chantel and wanted to emulate her.

Specifically, one viewer wrote, “She wants to be [Chantel] so bad. Jealousy is killing her.”

To which, Nicole snapped, “Never! (Laughing/crying emoji).”

Another person commented, “Seriously! She wants to be her so bad.”

Nicole clapped back, “Oh really!? I don’t knew that (laughing/crying emoji).”

Nicole Jimeno's Instagram comments
Pic credit: @nicole.jimeno/Instagram

Nicole did not make it past the top ten in the Dominican Republic, so her message of superiority toward Chantel in the episode during her private interview became obsolete.

The Family Chantel critics have bashed Nicole for trying to be like Chantel earlier this season with the way she looked. Many of The Family Chantel’s audience felt like Nicole was trying to transform into looking like Chantel.

Nicole Jimeno’s mom Lidia was upset about the outcome of the Miss Dominican Republic pageant

When Nicole didn’t make it past the top 10 of the pageant, her mom Lidia went on rants during a private interview with Nicole as well as when she did one by herself.

Lidia’s number one complaint was about the body types of the girls that made it further than her daughter.

While she expressed her happiness with her daughter’s performance and candor, she vigorously made the point that the other contestants were not up to par physically.

The Family Chantel is on Mondays at 8/7c on TLC and Discovery+.

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