Nick Viall slams Zach Shallcross’ behavior the last 2 weeks of The Bachelor

Nick Viall and Zach Shallcross
Nick gives his two cents on Zach’s role as the Bachelor. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency/ABC/Craig Sjodin

From one Bachelor to another — things aren’t looking too good.

During the most recent episode of The Bachelor, Zach Shallcross and his remaining women headed off to Estonia, where two moments, particularly, had a lasting impact on Season 27 viewers.

One happened when Zach sent contestant Jess home after she showed concern over not receiving a one-on-one date, and the other was when Kat stole Zach away for a kiss before his solo date with Charity.

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Not one to hold back his thoughts, especially as host of his Viall Files podcast, former Bachelor Nick Viall swooped in to give his thoughts on the Week 6 episode.

And, to be frank, he let his followers know that he believes Zach has been a “total d**k” on the show over the past two weeks.

The Season 21 Bachelor took to Twitter shortly after the situation with Jess occurred to disagree with the leading man’s actions.

Nick Viall calls out Zach Shallcross for his behavior on The Bachelor

“That’s 2 weeks in a row now Zach was a total d**k to one of the woman,” Nick tweeted, taking Jess’ side in the situation.

“It’s literally all about the one on one. Zach knows that. He made Jess feel like she messed up for expressing a valid concern,” he explained.

Nick Viall tweets about Zach Shallcross
Pic credit: @NickViall/Twitter

However, the criticism didn’t stop there as Nick continued to compare Zach to “the guy who gets mad at his girlfriend for not letting him know she wanted validation on her birthday.”

Nick Viall tweets about Zach Shallcross as the Bachelor
Pic credit: @NickViall/Twitter

Nick has been around the franchise for a while, first appearing in Andi Dorfman’s season of The Bachelorette in 2014. He later appeared on Kaitlyn Bristowe’s season, where he was the runner-up yet again.

After a failed experience on Season 3 of Bachelor in Paradise, the 42-year-old was chosen as the Season 21 Bachelor and proposed to contestant Vanessa Grimaldi, later ending their engagement months after the season aired.

Nick is now happily engaged to Natalie Joy, whom he met outside reality television.

Since Nick has a bit more experience in the franchise than Zach, he may be giving him just a bit of “tough love” as Zach navigates the situations on his own season.

Nick Viall weighs in on the Kat drama from Week 6

Another memorable incident on last Monday night’s episode was when Kat stole Zach away for a quick chat before he headed off to his date with Charity — which had been pushed back due to him contracting COVID-19 in London.

Although none of the ladies had seen him in a few days, Kat took the initiative to have some alone time with Zach, and the other contestants in the house felt like she “robbed” Charity of her moment.

Many viewers were also upset by Kat’s actions, with some even referring to it as a “yuck move.”

Unsurprisingly, Nick weighed in on the situation, claiming to be “Team Kat” after she went after what she wanted.

“If by week six you’re focused on everyone getting a fair opportunity to date your potential fiance, your there for the wrong reasons,” he tweeted.

Nick Viall weighs in on the Kat drama
Pic credit: @NickViall/Twitter

Being the Bachelor comes with a learning curve — one that Nick seems to have plenty of insight on.

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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