NeNe Leakes to write a tell-all book about her RHOA experience

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NeNe Leakes announced she’s writing a tell-all book about her experience on RHOA Pic Credit: ©ImageCollect/Image Press Agency

Most fans will agree that you can’t think about the Real Housewives of Atlanta without thinking about the iconic NeNe Leakes. 

However, after her falling out with the network, NeNe has recently said she is writing a tell-all book about her experience on Bravo. 

NeNe Leakes made her first appearance on the Real Housewives of Atlanta as an original castmate. She soon became the show’s breakout star with her repartee and legendary one-liners.

Leakes was a full-time Housewife from seasons one through seven. In season eight, she had a reduced role and took a step back the next few years, not appearing on the show. 

Fans were excited she came back to the show for seasons 10 to 12. 

Leakes had always been an open book and allowed viewers into her marriage, divorce from Greg Leakes, and remarriage to him. Fans also followed her business endeavors and her late husband’s fight with cancer. Viewers were disappointed and surprised when she didn’t return for season 13 of the show. 

Amidst legal issues with Bravo, NeNe Leakes says she is writing a tell-all book

Since then, NeNe has been vocal about the problems she endured with the network behind the scenes. She accused Bravo of being racist and not affording the cast the same opportunities as other shows. When she started speaking out against them, NeNe even said they had blacklisted her, preventing her from getting new jobs. 

NeNe Leakes has brought different lawsuits against NBC Universal, Bravo, and Andy Cohen

A couple of days ago, the OG Housewife wrote to Twitter, “The book I have been writing for the past year is gonna be a MUST READ! I just can’t wait to share it.”

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Pic credit: @NeNeLeakes/Twitter

NeNe took to social media to complain about the alleged mistreatments of the network 

Leakes tweeted many times in the last few days about behind the scene mistreatments while she was on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. 

She wrote, “there were many people behind the scenes that were complicit! They need to be exposed.”

Pic credit: @NeNeLeakes/Twitter

NeNe went even further, saying, “Just remember, abusers want power over their victims! They want to break you! Most abuse takes place behind closed doors (hint: this is why you don’t know or see anything) In the surface it looks fine right.”

Pic credit: @NeNeLeakes/Twitter

Fans questioned why NeNe is only speaking up now, but she said this abuse had been going on for years.

The Linnethia lounge owner even changed her bio on Twitter, which now reads, “BLACKLISTED FOR TELLING THE TRUTH & NOT WANTING TO BE ABUSED ANYMORE! RECEIPTSSS”

Pic credit: @NeNeLeakes/Twitter

Viewers are showing their support for NeNe Leakes amid legal battle with the network 

Many fans have shown their support for NeNe, who has been facing many legal issues.

One fan tweeted, “We stand with you forever @NeNeLeakes, you are an icon, a driver of the network, and a literal pop-culture creator. Legendary behavior.”

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sunday nights at 8/7c on Bravo.

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