Nayte Olukoya reveals the unique way he was recruited for The Bachelorette

Nayte Olukoya revealed the unique way he was recruited for the show. Pic credit: ABC

If you’ve been watching The Bachelorette this season, you know who Nayte Olukoya is.

Fresh off winning the first impression rose and snagging the first kiss of the season, the sparks between him and Michelle Young were undeniable on the show’s premiere.

However, Nayte almost didn’t make it on Michelle’s season and he recently revealed the unique way he was recruited for The Bachelorette.

Nayte Olukoya reveals the unique way he was recruited for The Bachelorette

Speaking on the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast with Becca Kufrin and Tayshia Adams, Nayte revealed the unique story of how he ended up on The Bachelorette.

“Long story short, I like to go out a lot and when I go out, it’s more for like the networking and meeting people. I just love making friends and whatnot, so I went out on a Friday, I met this guy named Mike,” the sales executive recounted.

Detailing that Mike moved to Austin not too long ago and was looking for new friends, he invited him out to a pool party the next day. “Remember, I only met the guy the night before, and now we’re all hanging out, getting to know each other better and he was like ‘man how crazy is it that somebody actually reached out to me from [The] Bachelorette’.”

Explaining that filming for the show fell during the bar exam, future lawyer Mike wasn’t able to participate so he told Nayte that he was going to send producers his profile.

Although Nayte immediately shut down the offer, Mike still sent his information over and the rest is history.

Nayte Olukoya recieved Michelle Young’s first impression rose

In regards to his knowledge of the show, Nayte revealed his only experience comes from watching Pilot Pete’s season of The Bachelor. When he first moved to Austin, he detailed that his coworker threw watch parties and used these events to get to know his colleagues.

When it came to receiving Michelle Young’s first impression rose, Nayte revealed he ‘didn’t have a clue’ the weight of it.

“It wasn’t until Rodney, [who] was my roommate.. later that day he kind of told me ‘man that’s big-time, like you got the first impression rose.’,” Nayte explained. “And he kind of told me, in this Bachelor Nation world, just how, I don’t know, people like to see who gets the first impression rose.”

The Bachelorettes have a good track record of getting engaged to the recipient of the first impression rose and it’s clear, this season might follow that pattern.

Do you think Nayte will win Michelle Young’s final rose? Tune into this season of The Bachelorette to find out.

The Bachelorette airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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