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Nayte Olukoya and Michelle Young explain why Black History Month is more than just a month

Michelle Young and Nayte Olukoya
Michelle Young and Nayte Olukoya have real talk about continuing to learn about Black History every day. Pic credit: ABC

Nayte Olukoya and Michelle Young, a Bachelorette couple currently engaged, got real on their Instagram page, as they talked about Black History Month.

Nayte and Michelle talked about how people should not just support, learn, and celebrate Black History Month during the month of February, not all year long. They shared the video on their IG for viewers to listen to and watch.

The couple was asked the following question from someone off-camera: “How can Bachelor Nation fans support Black businesses, foundations, creators, and more both this month and beyond as you mentioned?”

How do Michelle and Nayte respond to the question posed to them?

As Nayte and Michelle are on the screen, Michelle did all of the talking while Nayte sat there for support and to agree with what Michelle states as she answered the question.

When Michelle gots ready to tackle this question, she took a very deep breath before she began to speak.

She started her response by saying, “It’s so hard, like when those questions are asked, this situation we’re in…it’s not a one-stop shop.”

Michelle continued with, “And I think the biggest thing is…like having awareness is the first piece, but then you have to actively want to learn more, and I think for me, that’s kind of the most powerful thing that I feel like somebody can do is, you know, take those conversations and the questions that they have, and like actually, actively put energy into learning more.”

She talked about how a person learning more can mean reading books about Black History, or similar subjects, or even getting involved with different organizations where “you’re placing yourself around people where you’re able to learn more about that.”

Michelle shines light on continuing to educate yourselves

Michelle offered more advice as she said, “I think it’s like, you know, like, really easy to tap into like, ok, yeah, I learned a little bit about this and now I’m good…It’s kind of truly a promise to continue educating yourself on this from here on out…and that’s work.”

She then went on to compare learning about this to having and reaching a workout goal, or it could be a healthy eating goal. It’s a lifestyle change, and not just get there and be done. Michelle even said the phrase, “actively pursuing for the rest of your life” in her video.

Michelle finished the video by saying, “Everyone has to look inward and see what work they have to do, figure out what work they have to do, and start on that.”

Michelle is just one of many women to advocate for racial diversity in Bachelor Nation

Michelle has been a huge supporter, similar to Rachel Lindsay and Tayshia Adams, on racial diversity when it comes to The Bachelor franchise, as well as educating oneself, and continuing to learn, each and every day that you live.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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