Mykenna Dorn sends virtual hug to whoever will arrive last on Bachelor in Paradise

Mykenna Dorn
Mykenna Dorn addresses the upcoming season of Bachelor in Paradise. Pic credit: @mykenna/Instagram

Mykenna Dorn debuted on The Bachelor Season 24 and later went on to join the cast of Bachelor in Paradise Season 7. 

Mykenna’s time on Bachelor in Paradise was brief due to her being one of the latest arrivals on the island. 

After her emotional BIP experience, Mykenna sent a message to the next person that may end up in her shoes on Bachelor in Paradise Season 8. 

Mykenna Dorn details how it feels to be the last arrival on Bachelor in Paradise 

Bachelor in Paradise Season 8 begins filming this month as several familiar faces from Bachelor Nation set off to try and find love on the island. 

Mykenna Dorn has personal experience with Bachelor in Paradise, and she took to her Instagram stories to address those headed to Mexico for BIP Season 8. 

Mykenna wrote, “I don’t watch the show anymore but I heard BIP starting to film now. So I wanted to send a virtual hug to the person who will walk down last to the beach.”

Offering words of encouragement, Mykenna continued, “It’s gonna suck and feel unfair but please know there’s someone amazing out there for you!” 

Mykenna Dorn's Instagram story
Pic credit: @mykenna/Instagram

Mykenna was living proof of her words as she had a challenging time on Bachelor in Paradise but still managed to find love after the show with someone who wasn’t a part of the franchise. 

What happened to Mykenna Dorn on Bachelor in Paradise Season 7? 

As BIP fans know, part of the Bachelor in Paradise format is for Bachelor Nation stars to arrive in intervals and try and strike up solid love connections. 

The further into the show, the harder it is for newcomers to develop and secure substantial relationships since many existing cast members have already paired up. 

Mykenna arrived very late to Paradise and had trouble even getting a guy to go on an introductory date with her since so many guys were already in relationships. 

Mykenna became emotional over being rejected until The Bachelorette Season 16 star Ed Waisbrot approached her and asked her out on a date. 

Ed convinced a reluctant Mykenna to go to dinner and roller skating, and the pair had a nice time despite not having much of a romantic spark. 

With little time to build a relationship, Mykenna left the beach single. 

Now, Mykenna has finally gone public with her new man and appears happy and thriving in her current relationship. 

Bachelor in Paradise is currently on hiatus on ABC. 

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