My 600-lb Life update: Isaac Martinez’s private life since leaving the show

My 600-lb Life update: Isaa Martinez's private life since the TLC show
Pic credit: My 600-lb Life/TLC

There can be a lot of obstacles to weight loss, especially when a lot needs to be shed. While a lot of My 600-lb Life stars embody that, few do so like Isaac Martinez. When he appeared on Season 9 of the show, his initial weigh-in showed that he was 661 pounds.

The episode, unfortunately, finished before Isaac had his weight loss surgery, although Dr. Now did approve him for it. That’s left fans wondering if the former reality star kept shedding the weight after the episode.

Isaac Martinez’s time on My 600-lb Life

As My 600-lb Life detailed, Isaac struggled with his weight from quite a young age. As seen with many others, trauma played somewhat of a role in this. After his mother suffered a stroke, he began binging on food more often, becoming somewhat of an addiction.

Isaac Martinez’s weight eventually got in the way of his social life, and he soon began needing help with daily activities. Things seemed to change when his mother was diagnosed with cancer, however.

While Isaac stepped up by cooking meals for everybody, his weight still escalated. By the time he was 14, he had weighed over 300 pounds. The weight subsequently led to a heart attack at an extremely young age.

Isaac was diagnosed with cellulitis. As doctors explained, the condition could lead to Isaac becoming comatose, especially if his lifestyle didn’t change. The news seemed to inspire a change, and he contacted Dr. Now and appeared on the show.

Isaac’s life since the TLC hit

Isaac’s episode ended on a cliffhanger, however, as it abruptly finished after Dr. Now approved him for surgery. Since then, what Isaac has been up to has primarily been a mystery.

What is known, however, is that he had dropped 122 pounds by the time his My 600-lb Life appearance finished. Given that he was close to weight loss surgery, however, fans expect that he would have lost even more weight.

My 600-lb Life update: Isaac Martinez’s private life since leaving the show
Pic credit: My 600-lb Life/TLC.

It’s difficult to determine if he’s done so, though, as he keeps most of his personal life private. While his social media accounts were initially public, Isaac set them to private around the same time that the show aired.

That’s left fans in the dark as to whether he kept the weight off or began putting on weight again. That being said, during his appearance on the TLC hit, he did say that he wasn’t “making any more excuses,” and that he wanted to make his family proud.

Monsters & Critics has reached out to Isaac for an update on where he is now. He has not responded.

My 600-lb Life airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on TLC.

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