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My 600-lb Life update: Annjeanette Whaley sues producers, still with Erica?

My 600-lb Life update: Annjeanette Whaley sues producers, splits with Erica
Annjeanette Whaley has been a busy woman since her time on My 600-lb Life. Pic credit: Annjeanette Whaley/Facebook

Annjeanette Whaley is one of the more memorable stars of My 600-lb Life. Appearing on Season 7 of the TLC show alongside her partner Erica Andino, she weighed in at 679 pounds. She then lost an impressive 274 pounds before being approved for her weight loss surgery.

In the years since, it looks like she’s kept all of this weight off and even lost a little bit more. There have been a few ups and downs, however, such as a possible split from Erica. Annjeanette’s also called out the show’s producers and what she calls ‘haters.’

Annjeanette Whaley sues My 600-lb Life’s producers

Late last year, Annjeanette called out the show’s producers, saying that they had lied to her about the show “for ratings.” In an update on Facebook, she claims that she’s gotten negative messages from people about her weight loss on the show.

“So funny how complete strangers get so upset over a ‘reality’ TV show, lol,” she wrote.

“Like do you not realize that they lie and most of the things they do are for ratings?”

Pic credit: Annjeanette Whaley/Facebook

The rant came after Annjeanette Whaley filed a lawsuit against Megalomedia, the producers of My 600-lb Life. In the suit, she alleges that the production studio promised to pay her medical costs related to the show, although failed to do so.

The case is still ongoing. That isn’t the only update about the former reality star, however, as she and Erica Andino have been through a few ups and downs.

Are Annjeanette and Erica Andino still together?

Erica appeared on the show as Annjeanette’s partner and tried to be as supportive as possible. Despite this, the two had multiple arguments and there was a lot of tension. By the end of the episode, fans were left believing that the two would split.

Pic credit: Annjeanette Whaley/ Facebook.

Fans are parked in different camps about Erica, with some seeing her as an enabler. Others saw her as a positive influence, as many of the arguments centered around Annjeanette’s food-sneaking habits.

Based on Erica Andino’s Instagram profile, it looks like they may have split. While the account is set to private, her bio notes that she’s been hurt in the past and that she’s now “broken.” This seems to be a reference to her relationship with Annjeanette.

However, Annjeanette’s Facebook profile is still linked to Erica’s as being in a relationship, as seen below.

Pic credit: Annjeanette Whaley/Facebook

What does Annjeanette look like now?

Annjeanette Whaley looks great since starring in My 600-lb Life Season 7. As fans saw, she lost close to 300 pounds before her weight loss surgery. Since then, she’s lost even more and regularly keeps fans updated on her Facebook account.

In total, she’s lost about 400 pounds and has never looked better.

My 600-Lb Life airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on TLC.

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