Molly Hopkins responds to claims she flashed the camera on 90 Day: The Last Resort premiere

Molly Hopkins on 90 Day: The Last Resort
Molly Hopkins is hitting back at claims she went commando on 90 Day: The Last Resort. Pic credit: TLC

Molly Hopkins and Kelly Brown are just one couple featured on the premiere season of 90 Day: The Last Resort, and already, their time together on the show has been eye-opening.

They headed to Florida separately, already broken up, with hopes that a bit of therapy and a new perspective might help bring them back together.

Or maybe they were holding out for just one last reality TV paycheck.

Either could be the case, and honestly, it doesn’t matter because we know exactly where their relationship stands today, and (spoiler alert) it’s not standing at all.

But Molly and Kelly’s relationship problems have nothing on a claim made recently by a popular 90 Day Fiance blogger on Instagram after Molly was shown on-screen with a black blur across her nether regions.

Molly has since clapped back, making clear that he was wrong while listing all the reasons why that is the case.

Did Molly Hopkins have her Basic Instinct moment on 90 Day: The Last Resort?

After watching the first episode of 90 Day: The Last Resort, Instagram blogger John Yates claimed that Molly Hopkins wasn’t wearing any underwear while cameras were rolling and accidentally gave everyone an eyeful.

He shared a screenshot of Molly sitting down in a short floral dress with a blur across and a shrugging man emoji over the top of that.

In the caption, he wrote, “So a lot of people are sending me this screenshot (I added the emoji) of Molly’s box being shown on the first episode of #TheLastResort – Hey girl @mollyhopkins if you need to go commando I get it; Key West is humid!”

It took Molly almost no time to clap back at the commando claims. She wrote, “First of all, I OWN AN UNDERWEAR STORE @liviraelingerie … 2nd of all, I never ever go COMMANDO🤣🤣🤣🤣3rd of all, I’m a ginger 😂4th, you of all people should see the blur on this photo 5th….I’m not a bush babe 😂😂😂6th..I’ve never had an Only Fans 😂😂”

Molly Hopkins responds to claims she flashed the camera on 90 Day: The Last Resort
Pic credit: @johnyates327tv/Instagram

So it seems that Sharp Productions either blurred out a quick flash of Molly’s underwear or they blurred for no reason to get us talking — and if that’s the case, it clearly worked.

Are Molly Hopkins and Kelly Brown still together?

We talk a lot about who is still together and who has split up when shows like 90 Day: The Last Resort begin to air.

One thing we learned right in the premiere episode is that Molly and Kelly were split up before the premiere season even started filming. They addressed it right away when they clarified that they arrived separately and didn’t want to sit together during the group session.

Regarding them getting back together during filming or afterward, we can confirm that they did not.

In fact, things are pretty icy between Molly and Kelly, who has made it clear that he cannot wait for his lease to be up so he can move back home.

90 Day: The Last Resort airs Monday nights at 9/8c on TLC.

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