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Mohamed Jbali of 90 Day Fiance says he’s going to be homeless, but it’s not what you think

Mohamed Jbali on 90 Day Fiance
Mohamed tells fans that he’s going to be homeless. Pic credit: TLC

Those who have followed Mohamed Jbali on social media since his time with Danielle Jbali on 90 Day Fiance know that he’s been quietly living with his dog in Texas — but that’s all about to change.

According to Mohamed, he’s about to pack it all up and leave his home behind in pursuit of “big money.”

“Me and this guy are about to become homeless soon!” Mohamed announced on Instagram. “Not that we have no place to stay but we choose to go after big money so we gonna give up on everything and be on the road driving an 18 wheeler and help America transport food and other important things to stay grate so I’m not sure how this boy is gonna hold up waking up in a different state everyday!”

Of course, there were questions and quite a few well wishes.

90 Day Fiance fans asked Mohamed how he expects to make “big money” driving trucks across America. To which he answered, “driving for the right company.”

Others chimed in to inform people that driving for the right company and with the right certifications can actually yield a pretty good paycheck. Plus, when a driver goes “homeless,” meaning that he isn’t paying for housing and utilities since he’s on the road anyway, the savings can add up quickly.

Mohamed also shared that he plans to take his dog with him. Many of his followers offered up tips on how to keep the pooch happy by making sure he gets enough water and takes walks often. Others assured Mohamed that his dog will be fine so long as he has his owner to keep him company.

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Good luck to Mohamed Jbali on his travels as he starts this new career and gets the opportunity to see much of America.

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