Miss Kitty on Black Ink Crew: Chicago — Ryan and Charmaine want her at 2nd City but not everyone does

Miss Kitty on Black Ink Crew Chicago
Miss Kitty may not fit in with everyone on Black Ink Crew: Chicago. Pic credit: VH1

Miss Kitty popped up on Black Ink Crew: Chicago to support Charmaine after her mom died, and now, it looks like she’ll be sticking around for a while.

There are rumors that Kitty is more than friends with Ryan Henry, a relationship that sent Ceasar Emanuel so far over the edge that he fired her from Black Ink in New York.

So when Kitty showed up to Charmaine’s mother Glenda’s funeral in Louisiana and did her makeup, the 2nd City boss owed her a solid and offered to hire her for the Black Ink Crew: Chicago shop.

Miss Kitty and Ryan Henry discuss her future in Chicago

After Charmaine’s offer, Kitty even sat down with Ryan and told him she was thinking about accepting that offer, which would move her from New York City to Chicago.

He loved it, and the two even teased that it would give them even more time to spend together.

And while Kitty’s presence in Chicago is something that could help further unify Ryan and Charmaine, there are quite a few other people that aren’t happy about having her there, and they aren’t going to make her life in the Windy City easy.

Jess is only one Black Ink Crew: Chicago castmember upset about Kitty coming to 2nd City

The biggest obstacle for Kitty has been Jess, Charmaine’s business partner at 2nd City.

She made it clear she doesn’t have an issue with Kitty personally, but Jess and Charmaine are supposed to discuss any possible new hires, and she completely sidestepped that requirement when offering Kitty a job.

Even though Jess was there when the whole thing went down, she didn’t say anything to the women.

Instead, she started talking to seemingly everyone else about how upset she is that Charmaine offered Kitty a spot without consulting her.

Plug didn’t seem too impressed with Kitty either because when they all partied together, Kitty was too boring, and he wasn’t a big fan of her energy.

Draya took aim at Kitty, too, complaining that when they met at the funeral, Kitty’s hug wasn’t friendly enough. She thought that Kitty hugged her sideways in a fake way like she didn’t want her hair messed up but failed to realize that Kitty didn’t know her, so she wasn’t going to go in for a big happy hug.

So when Kitty does end up going to 2nd City for work, there’s already drama to keep her storyline strong.

Black Ink Crew: Chicago airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on VH1. 

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