Miguel Santiago puts MAFS troll on blast after racist comment

MAFS star Miguel Santiago
Miguel Santiago calls out a MAFS troll. Pic credit: Lifetime

Someone needs to get a therapist on standby for the Married at First Sight San Diego cast because they are not okay.

The former couples are again getting an onslaught of negative comments even though their season aired in 2023.

You can blame Netflix for that since Season 15 just became available on the streaming platform.

That means there are a slew of new MAFS viewers just now meeting the cast, and they have much to say about their behavior.

Miguel Santiago got a mouthful from an angry troll who took things way too far with their racist rhetoric.

Miguel shared a screenshot of their exchange online, which was crude and nasty.

Miguel Santiago shares a racist comment from a MAFS troll

The MAFS star took to his Instagram Story to put a racist commenter on blast, although he opted not to share the identity of the troll.

He posted their tense exchange after the MAFS viewer expressed his feelings about Miguel’s treatment of his now ex-wife, Lindy Elloway.

“Piece of s**t then, always a piece of s**t,” wrote the troll. “This is why women should always stay away from Latino men! Hell no!”

Meanwhile, Miguel calmly responded, “I’m sorry to hear that you feel that way. I wish you peace and happiness and apologize that my behavior upset you so much.”

The troll wanted the last word and responded to Miguel by saying, “Dude you did not upset me, you are a joke. You have no power over me to cause me to be upset.”

They also told the MAFS star to “stay away from women because you are not fit to be in a relationship!”

MAFS troll slams Miguel Santiago
Pic credit: @saintmigs/Instagram

MAFS viewers hurl insults at Miguel after watching Season 15

Meanwhile, this is just the beginning because Miguel is not just getting hateful comments in his DMs.

After watching the season, angry MAFS viewers are also bashing Miguel on his Instagram page.

“What a psycho! Dude you are the worst!” a commenter recently wrote.

“I just think the dude is a narcissist w/a martyr complex. It was emotionally abusive,” wrote someone else.

MAFS viewers bash Miguel Santiago
Pic credit: @saintmigs/Instagram

Another viewer reiterated that sentiment, adding, “You were seriously abusive to sweet Lindy.”

Someone else said, “I am so happy Lindy is no longer with you. You were mean and manipulated to her. You need to work on YOURSELF. mental abuse to her.”

Married at First Sight is currently on hiatus.

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